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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Muse, Nashville"

Niacin Flush is a Nashville, TN rock band that will take you on a Melodic/Hardcore roller coaster! Their breakdowns are both creative and original. With a progressive rock edge, and catchy lyrics this band is WORTH SEEING!!

- Logan, Owner


This 4-piece band has some INCREDIBLE talent and may just be the best thing to hit Nashville yet. Their Limited Release EP may just be the HOTTEST thing Nashville has to offer! Their very up-beat music is great to listen to when you’re up, down, happy, sad, it doesn't matter. The CD can put you in a mood or take you out of one. It is just an all around nearly Perfect CD to listen to. - Addison Rogers, Founder


Niacin Flush's CD, "Limited Release" is simply amazing! Here is a band who has put out one the finest metal CDs we've heard. A great five song EP - with inventive and musical guitar lines on top of perfect writing. Brint Hollis’ voice is angelic and powerful - really, really great. And the production and aural delight this record provides is nothing short of spectacular. "Beautiful Face" reminds us of Scorp's "Animal Magnetism" - with the perpetual distorted guitar line. "Myopic", features up front crunch of guitars with vocal textures that swoon. "No Escape", funks up the collection. Our favorite track is "Surreal" simply for the dynamics and excitement of the arrangement - incredible - Zappa would be proud. "Vision Fade" is the final tune - and is an anthem of its own. These guys are headed in the right direction - and should head over to Japan where they'd sell out all their shows. Look for big things from Niacin Flush. -


Niacin Flush - Limited Release EP

"Beautiful Face"
"No Escape"
"Vision Fade"

A partial list of radio stations spinning the Niacin Flush EP (mostly CMJ):

M3 Radio New York NY WBUZ Nashville TN
TIR Fullerton CA SFR Boston MA
106 VIC Ithaca NY BearCast Cincinnati OH
CFRE Mississauga ON CHRW London ON
CILU Thunder Bay ON CLC Grayslake IL
KANM College Station TX KAOS Olympia WA
KASC Tempe AZ KAUR Sioux Falls SD
KBBI Homer AK KBEACH Long Beach CA
KBHU Spearfish SD KBTL El Dorado KS
KBUX Columbus OH KBVR Corvailis OR
KCCR Tacoma WA KSCB Santa Barbara CA
KCSU Fort Collins CO KDCS Des Moines IA
KDIC Grinnell IA KDNK Carbondale CO
KDOX Gresham OR KDUP Portland OR
KDUR Durango CO KDVS Davis CA
KDWG Dillion MT KEOL La Grande OR
KFAI Minneapolis MN KFSR Fresno CA
KGAR Lemoore CA KGFN El Cajon CA
KGSM St. Peter MN KGUR San Luis Obispo CA
KHNS Haines AK KIDE Hoopa CA
KISL Avalon CA KKCR Hanalei HI
KKSM San Marcos CA KLA Los Angeles CA
KLC Portland OR KLPR Kearney NE
KMNR Rolla MO KMSA Grand Junction CO
KMSC Sioux City IA KMSU Mankata MN
KNON Dallas TX KNSU Thibodaux LA
KNWD Natchitoches LA KOTO Telluride CD
KPSU Portland OR PUR Forest Grove OR
KRCB Rohnert Park CA KRCX Denver CO
KRNL Mt. Vernon IA KRTU San Antonio TX
KRUA Anchorage AK KRXQ Sacramento CA
KSAU Nacogdoches TX KSCL Shreveport LA
KSCU Santa Clara CA KSHU Huntsville TX
KSJS San Jose CA KSMR Winona MN
KSOC Ashland OR KSRQ Theif River Falls MN
KSTM Indianola IA KSUA Fairbanks AK
KSYM San Antonio TX KTEK Socorro NM
KTRM Kirksville MO KUCI Irvine CA
KULT Cedar Falls IA KUMM Morris MN
KUPS Tacoma WA KURA Ouray CO
KUWS Superior WI KVDU Denver CO
KVMR Nevada City CA KWCW Walla Walla WA
KWLC Decorah LA KWSB Gunnison CO
KWTS Canyon TX KWUR St. Louis MO
KNUA Fayetteille AR KXUL Monroe LA
KXZY Stillwater OK KYMC St. Louis MO
KZMU Moab UT KZSC Santa Cruz CA
WAIH Potsdam NY WAKE Winston-Salem NC
WALF Alfred NY WARC Meadville PA
WARG Summit IL WAUG Rock Island IL
WAWL Chattanooga T WBAR New York NY
WBCR Beloit WI WBFH Bloomfield Hills MI
WBGU Bowling Green OH WBOR Brunswich ME
WBRS Waltham MA WBSU Brockport NY
WBTY Waltham MA WCBE Columbus OH
WCCH Holyoke MA WCCM Randolph NJ
WCCS Norton MA WCDB Albany NY
WCFM Williamstown MA WCKS Allendale MI
WCLH Wilkes-Barre PA WCMR Dallas PA
WCWM Williamsburg VA WCWP Brookville NY
WDCC Stanford NC WDCR Hanover NH
WDTS Georgetown DE WDUB Granville OH
WDWN Auburn NY WECX St. Petersburg FL
WEEM Pendleton IN WEGL Auburn AL
WEIU Charleston IL WEOS Geneva NY
WESU Middleton CT WFCS New Britain CT
WFNP New Paltz NY WICB Ithaca NY
WIDB Carbondale IL WIDR Kalamazoo MI
WIIT Chicago IL WISU Terra Haute IN
WITR Rochester NY WKKL West Barnstable MA
WKNH Keene NH WKWZ Syosset NY
WLFM Appleton TI WLFU Brooklyn NY
WLSO Macie MI WLTL La Grange IL
WMAR Poughkeepsie NY WMCN St. Paul MN
WMCR Westminister MD WMCX W Long Branch NJ
WMHB Waterville ME WMHW Mt. Pleasant MI
WMPG Portland ME WMSR Oxford OH
WMTS Murfreesboro TN WMUA Amherst MA
WMUC College Park MD WMUH Allentown PA
WMUR Milwaukee WI WMWM Salem MA
WMXM Lake Forest IL WNHU West Haven CT
WNSU Fort Lauderdale FL WONC Naperville IL
WONY Oneonta NY WOSP Jacksonville FL
WPCX Clinton SC WPHS Warren MI
WPMD Norwalk CA WPNR Utiga NY
WPPJ Pittsburgh PA WPTS Pittsburgh PA
WPUB New York NY WQAQ Hamlen CT
WRCU Hamilton NY WRFT Ambler PA
WRGW Washington DC WRHU Hempstead NY
WRKC Wilkes-Barr


Feeling a bit camera shy


Niacin Flush: Driving Alternative/Pop Meets Infectious Metal

Brint Hollis and Lee Bowen first discovered their chemistry for melodic rock music in high school with their band 7Miles Downcast. Living in Jonesboro, Arkansas and gigging across the mid-south, 7MD quickly sold a limited pressing of their demo and began to develop a very loyal following.

In 1999, singer/guitarist Brint Hollis moved to Alabama and enrolled in the University of North Alabama’s Entertainment Industry program. In 2000, guitarist Lee Bowen followed suit to Alabama and the pair reunited to pursue their passion of music. In 2003 Lee and Brint moved their project to Nashville and added bassist Chris Rebello and fellow drummer Erik Johansen (who had previously played drums on the earlier 7MD demo). The Niacin Flush line-up was finally perfected after years in the dormant stage.

This kind of foundation sets Niacin Flush apart from the rest. While everything in life has tried to keep these guys from going where they were meant to go, their focus and determination has only grown stronger. When the going gets tough, Niacin Flush is tougher and history speaks for itself.

With huge online success (Surreal- #1 in Earth-; Vision Fade- #5 in Modern Rock,, an EP that is being played at well over 230 radio stations across the US (#8 charting in Jacksonville, FL, #8 Kenosha, WI, #10 York, PA, #13 Eau Claire, WI to name a few) and a killer new video for “Vision Fade” (available for view at, Niacin Flush is taking things to the extreme. The sky holds no limit; the only variable is time.

R u ready to feel the Flush??