Niall Colfer

Niall Colfer


“Colfer has a winning way with quality songs that avoid the mawkish introspection of his dull peers” Hot Press NIALL COLFER and band-WHELANS WED 20TH AUGUST


Recorded and produced by Niall and Gareth Mannix
(Republic of Loose, Delorentos) over the past year, Lines & Space (release date Oct 2008) is Niall’s first solo project after two critically acclaimed albums with the band Salthouse. Playing many of the instruments on these new tracks himself, Niall has honed a distinctive style; a hushed confidence of melody and groove, inside disco, rock and sometimes even folk. Not afraid to admit where his inspiration comes from, he says it’s everything from love, loss, to the history of life. You’ll find street scenes in one song, ancient maps in another.

Niall’s songs come across as honest explorations of everyday feelings without the smaltz. He hits a characteristic groove in each song, which just continues on through, hooking you in. Together, the songs leave an impression of subtlety, individualism and toe-tapping rhythm, with lyrics that creep on up and get you thinking.

Niall has recently supported such acts as Simple Kid, The House of Love and Uh huh her, as well as touring the country with a full band line-up.

Lines & Space, Niall’s forthcoming album, will include After all that’s happened, Dawnin’ and Flames Away. And with Lennart Breternitz on bass and Barry J Smullen on drums, Lines & Space is set to offer more quietly brilliant gems.

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Two albums with the band Salthouse.
Hanging by a thread-2002
Dream by Day-2005

Debut solo single "After all that's happened" released May 2008 on Dilutus Records
Debut album "Lines and Space" to be released October 2008

Set List

Typical set list- up to 15 songs
1hr,15 mins.
After all that's happened
Flames Away
Stole the day
Not a day
Lines and Space
Never just for you
One second to the next
Barnacle Boy
Blind Eye

If covers, maybe a Bowie( Breaking Glass)