My music cuts to the essence of you it 'feels like Home, Sounds like Haven'. It reaches way down inside you. Forward thinking R&B, rooted in Gospel/Blues, a little folk a little country, Niambis style. Guitar with beautiful vocals, I take you there connect you with the feeling you really feel.

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Written By: Niambis - (Sheryl A. Matthews)

It's funny how life continues,
it's something how time just goes on
and no matter where life has just taken you, time just keeps moving on

sometimes I wish I could stop it
I could make life stand still in my hands, but then I always remember it's not just my world that will stand

there's the homeless their world would stand also
the hongry their world would stand too,
the battered women, the parentless
child-it's better that time just move thru

then theirs times I wish never happened
times I wish time would end, but it really doesn't matter now -- just know times not always your friend

it's funny how life continues.....

The Gift

Written By: Niambis-(sheryl A. Matthews)

I want to say that nobody can take your blessing from you. Blessings
come from the creator by the grace of God- The creator you don't earn it it's a gift. Our life is about finding
out, coming to know that God has blessed us all--with this life-our gift
from God. We are all blessed. If you want to walk in God's blessings
for your life, in this life--Be true to your calling what God put you here for.

My daughterr/neice asked me to write a song for her baby. She was
pregnant due to have the baby in
Feb. This is the song that came out of that. This song is for you and your baby.

He's Blessed to be healthy, he's Blessed to be strong
He's Blessed, he's Blessed, he's Blessed

The creator smiled upon him, it will last his whole life long
he's walking in the Blessings of those who have gone on
He's Blessed, he's Blessed, he's Blessed

Your baby of today is the man of yesterday
it's funny how life passes on,
yes it's funny how life passes on

It don't matter where he's going it
don't matter where he's at
the creator smiled upon him and no one can change that he's Blessed in his coming and in his going too
guided by the creator with his special job to do

It was in the beginning the beginning of your time-you the baby of today receive the Blessing-- Ma left behind
He's Blessed, the babies Blessed
He's Blessed, the child is blessed

How Long

Written By: Niambis-(Sheryl A. Matthews)

How long must I stay here, how long must I stay here, baby how long
Thought I'd be here forever, thought I'd always be here,thought I'd always be here,
But I'm all gone, I'm all gone
You should have been,you shold have been here, long time ago

How long must I stay here, how long must I stay here- baby how long
you should have been here, you should have been here long time ago
long time ago
I could have loved you then, could of
loved you then
now I'm all gone, baby all gone

Got tired of waiting on you, got tired of waiting on you
can't wait no mo
won't wait no mo
yo chance don gone

waitin on you to change my life
waitin on you to be your wife
waitin on you to make that move
waitin on you to approve---me

How long must I stay her
How long must I stay here
Baby it's my move
it's my move