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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What the listeners are saying"

re the song Who Put America In Charge ....
"Your musical message is sorely needed in this age of Imperialistic Domination. Excellent blend of music & sound effects. I especially love the DEAD stops at the end of each section. Beside speaking the unheard truth, Your musical composition is fraught with a professional caliber of performance and production. Fantastic piece... for peace. !!!!!
~David Abington

"Your music is deep,strong and very original"
~Kim Kristenson

fantastic passionate music
I will come back for more
~Alan Cooper

Im loving your song " I am ", It's just so deep and realistic and having a touch of spirituality...
"Your music... have the power to relax me when the time is like a hurricane...
Hope U to stay for the longest time with your Art. "

- samples


Music Video

Who Put America In Charge?....released march 2007

Single Songs

The Devil
Who Put America In Charge?
Fall from Grace

released in 2006

Debut album Woman In A World Gone Mad is due for release in late 2007



Niav is an irish singer/songwriter,musician and producer currently living in new south wales, Australia.
Known for her unique vocal style and music,
Niav's songwriting skills along with her musical talents and popular creative production techniques combine to offer a smorgasbord of social commentary and passion in the true bardic style of her ancestry.
Her singing has been described variously as haunting , emotional , ethereal , and unique ....the combination of opera training and growing up in Ireland's celtic musical atmosphere producing an unusual vocal flavour.
Niav , formerly an electronics engineer by trade, is also a published poet.
She has collaborated internationally with some very talented artists from all over the world , some of these collaborations will be appearing on her debut album Woman In A World Gone Mad due for release late 2007.


" I started out three years ago to aurally paint
every human emotion . Somewhere along the line
that mission developed into one of a socio-political
call to conscience and this is what my coming debut album Woman In A World Gone Mad is comprised of.
This wasn't an intentional move but sprang from the frustration of watching so much WRONG at loose in the world and everyone seemingly so conditioned to it and so emotionally removed from it .
Basically I try to reach past conditioning lyrically, emphasize the point vocally,and put the listener into the scene via the production.
The results can often be a shock to the system,
in some instances one needs to shock to capture full attention.
I liken much of my music to the "reality" car crash
advertisements you sometimes see on tv for drink driving.....
I try to do the same thing but in a soundscape when I produce.
and you know, it's a WHOLE lot of fun."