Nia White

Nia White

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

I'm a Chicago girl through and through. My music would best be described as R&B/Pop. I sing from my soul and write from my heart. If my music resonates with one person...I've done my duty.


Raw talent is hard to find in the music industry today, but Nia White has it…she was born with it. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Nia grew up singing in church. At the age of ten she began writing poetry and those poems transformed into songwriting.

Nia White is the BEST! An artist that can not only write the song that talks straight to your heart and soul but sing that song with the beautiful voice God gave her. Not one to be placed in a box, her music rings of R&B, pop and soul. She sings with intensity, feeling and conviction….making you step into the song and live every word.

She has had the opportunity to participate in local talent shows and plays. Nia has the passion and the drive to be very successful in this changing music industry and she will accept nothing less. Influences include anyone that has real talent and sings from the heart.

Nia is currently in the studio recording her demo. Each word written by her. Listen up and take notice….its her turn!


Set List

Can You
So Close
The End