Portland, Oregon, USA

With a working genre title of "hip hop infuse psychedelic soul, rock, rhythm and blues," NIAYH proposes a new musical vision.


NIAYH proposes a new musical vision. If you’ve ever seen a live NIAYH show, you understand how impossible it is to give their music a title or assign them a genre: they are simultaneously every genre and no genre at all. No matter what they are playing, you can always tell it is NIAYH.

“NIAYH's groovadelic sound is straight heart-to-heart with a snap crackle and pop that treats the ear in a blend of acoustic and electric synergy. Brilliantly poetic lyrics set on a dazzling musical palette. They get outside the box of Planet Earth.”
–Scott Mathews, Music Producer (The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Johnny Cash)

While they are a rock band at heart, they draw deep influences from R&B, metal, funk, psychedelic and Latin traditions. From luscious soundscapes to tightly crafted and melodically driven songs, their music bridges styles to form one that is distinctly their own. Hypnotic grooves support eclectic compositions that are both progressive and classic.

“Considering Worth’s heartfelt and beautifully delivered vocals, Roody’s rock solid drumming, Kenton’s uncanny ability to find non-standard guitar lines and Lydian’s superb tastiness and technical ability, NIAYH is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to write melodies rivals that of popular music’s heaviest hitters and the band’s choices for parts and arrangements sets them out way beyond the fold of scores of independent artists trying to make it.”
-Trevor Harden, President,

Above all, it is the spiritual element to their performance that drives everything. A show is a cathartic experience for the band and audience alike – ones leave feeling exercised and healed, both physically and spiritually.

An acronym for “Now Is All You Have,” NIAYH is a Portland, Oregon based band comprised of Christopher Worth, Adolfo Cuellar, David Rueda, Kenton Clow, Morgan Quinn, and Val Haddix. Since forming in 2007, NIAYH has released one full length record (“Hope”) and toured extensively on their home-made tour bus (“Wally”) throughout the western US states at venues such as the Crystal Ballroom and Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR, and the Dakota Live Music Lounge in Santa Monica, CA. NIAYH is currently recording their next full length album while also preparing for a 6 week national tour in May.


Hope (2008 NIAYH Records)

Set List

NIAYH plays all original music and can perform set lengths from 30 minutes to 3 hours.