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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Christian R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"“I’m Made Whole” Selected for Compilation CDs"

"I'm Made Whole" has been selected to be part of the following Compilation CDs:

*** "Music To Live By" Compilation CD ***
~ Roo Records (Dec 2007)

The "Music To Live By" Christian compilation CD series will be released nationally in the spring of 2008. The purpose of the compilation is to provide national exposure to artists committed to spreading the word of God.

*** “Care" Packages for Our Troops Compilation CD ***
~ Reflections Management Company (Jul 2007)

The “Care Packages for Our Troops” project will help raise money for Operation Door to Door, which provides care packages to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

- None

"Honorable Mention for Songwriting Contests"

Nicah-o &/or "I'm Made Whole" has been noted as HONORABLE MENTION for the the following Songwriters contests:

*** 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Session 1 ***
~ Nov 2007


*** North Carolina Songwriters Co-op 10th Annual NC Songwriters Song Contest ***
~ Oct 2007


- None

"Star of Bethlehem, COGIC Oct 7th Concert Reviews"

*** What an Event of Celebration! ***
~ Elder Benjamin Cross - Star, COGIC Cluster IV Sponsor (Oct 2007)

WOW!!!! What an event of celebration to out Lord and Savior. You can not imagine the numerous calls that I have received in response to the concert. The comments are fantastic. The body of Christ was truly blessed by your ministry. The young people had a blast.

You should also know that some one called me to express how much your personal testimony blessed them and opened their eyes to the fact that young people go through life changing situations just as others. They said that they would have never known your personal struggle if you would not had shared it. WOW!!! What a witness.

Nicah-o, I have to give you your due R E S P E C T. You came and ministered through the pain, the sickness, and all that was going on internally. God truly showed up and showed Himself strong on your behalf. I loved the newness, freshness, and ease of music you brought to the body of Christ. It takes a special person to deliver the "message" the way that you delivered it. Often times, our best music/songs are the ones written through the personal pains that we experience. God can take the very thing that we think is so ugly and turn it around for His glory. WOW!!!! You are something else. I feel like I have known you all of my life. I can't wait to see where things go from here for you. I know that we talked about how you don't normally do what you did for us. However, the time has come for "the message" within you to go beyond the walls. This is the start of your next level. Just watch what I tell you. Don't forget us and stay in touch.

Your are blessed and highly favored of God. Once again....Thank you.

*** Nicah-o Really Let the Lord Use Her! ***
~ Thomas Lee McKeithan, II - Star COGIC Senior Musician (Oct 2007)

Nicah-o really let the Lord use her on Sunday October 7, 2007, 4:00 p.m., Star of Bethlehem, COGIC, Washington, DC. She spoke of her challenges, but how God brought her through. The spirit was high. Nicah-o, continue to let God use you for his service and remain humble.

Be blessed.

- None

"CD/Song Reviews"

*** Unique Vibe ***
~ Dan - Roo Records (Dec 2007)

Hey Nicah-o. Loved "I'm Made Whole." Would love it if you were on our project... Once again good job, love your unique vibe.

*** A Very Strong Performance ***
~ David - Crescent Music and Media (May 2007)

It [I'm Made Whole] is a very very good piece of work. The vocal
performance and musicianship are strong. The piece is very good and I
really liked the arrangement and the overall feel. It is a very strong
performance. You definitely have the ability and quality work to showcase
yourself. Your format is a great one to work with and I would suggest you
keep at it and know it will work out well for you as Im sure it has.

Keep up the good work and best wishes!

*** Nicah-o's Expressions of Faith are Truly Inspirational and Beautiful to Behold! ***
~ Mary Leonard (May 2007)

What a beautiful voice and inspiring message her cd delivers! I was speechless after listening to it the first time. Her voice soars and with it so does the Spirit. She sings from deep within, from personal experience and a rock-solid faith. Her music speaks to each and every one of us. Nicah-o's expressions of faith are truly inspirational and beautiful to behold!!

*** Inspirational ***
~ Linda Barnett (May 2007)

This CD is so inspirational, for it gives hope in the time of sorrow. The words spoken are from the heart and you can feel her love and faith in God being revealed, in all three songs. Simply beautiful for it has touched my heart.

*** Nicah-o Sings from the Heart to the Heart!***
~ Perry Evans (Apr 2007)

I was really moved by the songs on this album. Nicah-o is a multitalented artist who sings from the heart to the heart! Anyone who supports this ministry will definitely be blessed!

- None

"Website Appearances"

Nicah-o appears on the following web sites:

*** The Singer's Studio ***
~ Feb 2008

"What an amazing gospel artist! Her vocals will move you, and you owe it to yourself to listen."


*** Eager Magazine ***
~ Aug 2007


- None


"nicah-o ...A Sample" includes:
- I'm Made Whole, 2007
- Fill This Place, 2007
- I Can Hear You, 2007



In this first release from budding new talent Nicah-o (Ni-CAH-o), you will discover music full of hope and encouragement that appeals across races and generations. Nicah-o writes and sings from her personal experiences—her songs are full of raw emotion that grabs you and won’t let you go.

With an impressive vocal range and heartfelt lyrics, Nicah-o’s music is touching, inspiring… your prescription to get through another day in the journey of faith.

Nicah-o’s style is Contemporary Christian, with a touch of Gospel and R&B. Her influences include the gifted Fred Hammond, CeCe Winans, Joann Rosario, Virtue, and MaryMary. She writes with the heart of Job and sings with the emotion of Mary J. Blige.

Nicah-o blends Scripture into each song, encouraging others with the very words inspired by God in his Word. These affirmations ring true in her life, and, combining them with experiences on her own personal journey, tell of a powerful, everlasting connection with the Lord. (Nicah-o, a variation of the Greek word Nikao, means “to get the victory.”)

Nicah-o’s songwriting began during her prayer and worship time with God. She noticed a pattern—she would start singing. Sing something, anything. Those spontaneous cries of worship are at the heart of each song—a soul-baring release of control from self to God.

I’m Made Whole—During a time in her life when faced with physical challenges, Nicah-o focused on God’s Word and the comfort it provides. She stood on the belief that in the supernatural she was made whole and the physical manifestation of that healing would follow. I’m Made Whole reminds us to have faith. Trust. Believe.

Fill This Place—This is a song of complete worship—wanting to be closer to God in quiet time. Surrendering to Him. Being more for Him. Totally abandoning where you’re at to follow Him. We all need a steady refilling of His Spirit.

I Can Hear You—This song grew from a time when Nicah-o was feeling overwhelmed with commitments at work. She was thankful for her job, but not passionate about it. I Can Hear You is a cry to God for His help and direction, and knowing He is faithful and will always be there.

Singer, songwriter, and composer Nicah-o is self-taught and uses her God-gifted talents to reach others for Christ. Her songs are modern day psalms of praise and worship, a love letter to the Lord.

Nicah-o co-produced this collection with Bryant Carthan, her mentor in all things production.

Immerse yourself in Nicah-o’s music and experience for yourself how deep, wide, strong, and high the love of Christ is on your everyday journey of faith.