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"Local Favorite"

NEWPORT BEACH - The Inland Empire has been known for the high quality of its performing artists for some time. Each generation brings forth a new wave of impressive talent. Vincent Chiofalo, a Murrieta-based composer and singer, who has attracted legions of fans to local coffee houses with is unique and mesmerizing style, is slated to appear at 7 p.m. Feb 7 at Hoagie Barmichales, 3950 Campus Drive. Vincent's songs not only stir the soul, but they also make a statment on life today. His soft-rock music captures one's interest while delivering impact-filled messages.

Shawn Barnett, Ian Haerr, Tom Bagley, and Mike Evans and the Naughty Naughts also appear. Tickets are $10 For more information, call 949-275-2392

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Nice Day has released a five song Self Produced EP which contiains:
1. Johnny Green
2. No More Lies!
3. Dear Mr. President
4. Rumors Of War
5. Suddenly The Whole World Has Changed

Nice Day is currently in a Class A studio making a full length self produced record.

You can hear these on our



Our biggest influence is Radiohead. We are like an american version of that band but you wouldnt know it unless you saw us in concert. Vincent writes all the songs he is an expert in Song and Music. All of our songs are hook hook hook. Our music is experimental. Our sound is defining of this first decade of the new millenium. Our sound gives back to vintage punk and we play all kinds of beats so the feel is always moving from one to the next. We rock your face off and then bring it back down all the way and sing you to sleep, then rock you again and again and again. A Nice Day concert has been compared to sex in a storm. lots of sex in a chaotic desert storm. We are very song oriented meaning everything we do is to build up and present some catch phrase "chorus" melody the best we can. We get under your skin and you find your self singing Nice Day songs all day every day. We want to be the band that you never take out of your cd player. The band you cant wait to see again in concert. Vincent has been studying and practicing song and music since his first piano lessons in kindergarten. His song writing skills are superior to most bands. As a band we come together with strength in music. The power is in our melody, our rhythm, our lyrics, and our unique rock style. Everyone from hip hoppers, to rockers, to folk buffs LOVE our music. Our lyrics are ussually ideal oriented but we are very human manage to relate to the human spirit in an intimate way, stiring deep emotions, and questions of consiousness, existence, relationships, and the human experience. We try to create new sounds by playing our instruments in ways they have never been played before. We focus on musical clarity. There are only three of us on stage so everything that each of us is doing contributes to the music in a huge way and it is all audible to the ear. Nice Day is Epic. Just listen!