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Nice Lab

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During the summer of 2009, producer Ken Red aka Jak Da Slicker met DJ Pigpen. After a few pints and some discussion at the local tavern, Nice Lab was born. The duo specializes in high energy, in-your-face gangsta electro. Performs everything from original material to remixes and mash-ups.


Gangsta electro..

Emerging from the sunshiny land of Detroit, the sound of new g'ness. Nice Lab has been blending fresh electro/hip-hop/dub since September 2009. Individually, members Jak Da Slicker and DJ Pigpen have several years experience, producing/writing and DJing respectively.
Jak started off in 2003 on a modest Fruity Loops set up, and has since gone on to work with Sony Acid, Pro-Tools, Logic, Ableton Live and more including an APC40 controller and multiple midi-boards. Jak has worked for some of the biggest independent music labels in Detroit and the midwest, employed by Dirty Glove Entertainment, along with producing beats for a slew of local rappers (Fat Ray, BMillz, etc.) over the past 2 years.
Dj Pigpen began DJing in late 2007 and hasn't let off since. The summer of 2009 included an opening spot for Rapper Mike Jones, multiple 800+ attendence parties, a fashion show and more. Recently switching his gear from Serato to Tracktor, Pigpen rocks 2 Technic direct drive turntables.

Drawing inspiration from Miles Davis to Model 500, Prince to The Prodigy, Nice Lab cooks up some of the freshest remixes and original electro on the market. Give a listen to some funky electro dub-hop, it's very nice shit.


EP - Nice Shit Vol. 1

Set List

TYPICAL SET LIST (original):
Start off kinda housy, working up into a mad electric frenzy that will overload the human brain with sweaty 4-on-the-floor thumps and buzzing synth lines... maybe throw a few remixes in throughout or drop a few familiar acapellas.

For non-original sets, will do a lot of hip-hop and dance, try to avoid Top 40 if at all possible.