nicely broken

nicely broken


nicely broken is a rock band plain and simple. Our goal has always been to make music that makes people move there heads and tap there feet.


We were all influenced by the traditionals; Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Doors, but we are also big fans of more modern bands such as Radio Head, Muse, The Foo Fighters etc. What sets us apart from many bands is that we are a loud band that is obsessed with being tight. Are changes are on the money and we feed off of this. The tightness gives us the energy that makes us all constantly smile on stage because it's just so much fun!


Are first Single that we have released is Slowly and was recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin Texas.
We have two more that will be released on Friday the 13th of November and both of those were recorded at Arlyn studios as well.

Set List

1. Something in the Sky
2. Slowly
3. Closer
4. Pretty People
5. Violation
6. Walk on out
7. Hands on You
8. Pretend (not on CD)
9. Homeless
10. More Perfect
11. Round & Round
12. Sinner
13. color Me
14. Far Too Long