Nicholas Altobelli

Nicholas Altobelli

 Dallas, Texas, USA

folk music...


(from myspace page)
Nicholas likes to play music. He plays mostly in Dallas but he hopes that he’ll be playing a lot of different places very soon. Nicholas recorded an album in Austin with some fantastic people. The album is called Streetcar Visions and it is an EP. Nicholas says it is not perfect but does like how the songs turned out on the record. Since Nicholas got tired of playing songs off that album he decided to record an LP called Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom. It is a folk album because Nicholas is trying to stay away from the dying alternative country genre but mainly because he doesn’t have a band. Most of his songs are very sad. Nicholas likes to play solo. He likes his songs to be simple with a guitar and harmonica. No need for loud electric guitars and drums. Nicholas hopes you like his musical compositions. If you like it, please feel free to send him a message, attend one of his shows, buy his records or add him to your friends. If you don’t like his music, just keep it to yourself. Nicholas plans on touring in 2009, so please keep checking back for updates. Nicholas thanks you visiting his myspace page and reading this absurd bio…

Notable shows...
3/15/08 - Lola's in Fort Worth, Texas... part of St. Patrick's Day Weekend Party with Eleven Hundred Springs, The Wilders, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, AM Ramblers and Jason Manriquez of Fate Lions... presented by Spune...

Notable artists played with:
American Aquarium
Bill Mallonee
1100 Springs

Nicholas has a monthly show at Dunn Bros Coffee in Addison, Texas... second Thursday of every month...

Radio Play:
KAOS Radio -- Austin, TX
KETR 88.9 FM -- Commerce, TX
KTRU 97.7 FM -- Houston, TX
KPFT 90.1 FM -- Houston, TX

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Haskell County

Written By: Nicholas Altobelli

(c) 2008 Same Old Blue Music (BMI)

Verse I:
These many miles
Can take the soul out of a man
Leaving you bloodied and weak
90 degress of
Blazing sunshine
Bake down onto the streets

Now I'm alone tonight feeling empty
Now I'm alone tonight in Haskell County

Verse II:
Late night diners
Roadside truck stops
Have been my home for many years
This dirty windshield
And all this gasoline
Makes the world seem so clear

Repeat chorus

Now I'm alone tonight feeling empty
Now I'm alone tonight in Haskell County
Now I'm alone tonight with a vacancy
Now I'm alone tonight in Haskell County

Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom

Written By: Nicholas Altobelli

Well the fall is finally here
And with the leaves go my mind
I fall off the tree into the depths of time
With each guest of wind

This place seems so familiar
But it also feels so different
It's hard not to get caught up in the current
And lose complete control

I wish I could go back to the days
When everything was so simple
Now everything runs in doubles
With each passing day

And sometimes I want to go away...

There's static on the radio
And there's a buzz from a ceiling fan
Masking all of my simple plans
That used to orbit my essence

But that's just how it goes
You win some, you lose alot
And all you're left with is a drought
With cracks that stretch so deep

But don't you worry about me
Someday I'll reach the apex
Only to find out that this shipwreck
Is starting to erode away

And it's something you can't delay
It's blocking the alleyway
That leads you to the parkway


All the signs are there
And the stars show the way
But all of my skies are grey
Except for a couple patches of blue

The skyline shines so bright
Those city lights can be deceiving
And they can also be so enticing
Just like the song of the Sirens

I know I'm not the only one
Who's travels have gone astray
And you always end up at a doorway
Looking for another room

And you know you're doomed
When you're in your tomb
Waiting for the flowers to bloom...



Set List

Depends on the set, whether it's an opening gig or headliner... I play all original material with the occasional Whiskeytown, Bob Dylan, Uncle Tupelo cover...
I can play anywhere from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes...