Nicholas Doubleyou & the B-Squad
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Nicholas Doubleyou & the B-Squad

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Children's Music




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The "Vampire Police" CD-R deluxe edition (five printed, all finger-painted by Dr. Doubleyou himself)
"Vampire Police" CD-R
"constantinople" digital single
A brand new upcoming album in the new year which will stagger and amaze!!!



"The band launched into a ragged-ass folkrock clatter that felt like it could fall down at any moment, while Doubleyou, pushed along by rocking yakkety sax, sang with hiccups and squeals, lines ending in yips and hollers." -- Mechanical Forest Sound

The boy who would become Nicholas Doubleyou fell in love in his first year of University, though it would never be requited. He spent a lonely year in a residence room sleeping not at all. We spoke intermittently through IMs, though we were only acquaintances. He was wiry, slim, had an encyclopedic memory for films and music, fancied puns, would nightly consume a litre of chocolate milk and a banana cream pie.

Nicholas was given a cigar box banjo for Christmas, tuned 'Spanish,' the image of Charley Patton pasted on beneath the strings. It was with this quirky instrument that he began writing songs. He set up a Myspace account and would post whatever track he'd just then recorded. His songs garnered instant notoriety. They are temperamental songs, half-derived from the memories of childhood and the annuls of poetry, songs about drab failing, searching for meaning,

"I spent alot of time wrestling with my mind under streetlights, drinking drugs writing unfinished stories about giving up..."

From the wellspring of personal misery, Nicholas Doubleyou and the B-Squad formed in a bald-faced act of emotional defiance. Fuck sorrow, loneliness, doubt. Dancing is a badge of honour, music is a weapon against the tyranny of isolation. The B-Squad breaks the safeties, plunges blindly into the song, a united wall of petulance and fervor. At the height of the moment's tension, Nicholas Doubleyou puts down his guitar, climbs into the crowd and releases balloons, each one bearing a command to its recipient. These commands range from the simple ("Slow Dance"; "Kiss the bass player") to the challenging ("Adopt a pet [eventually]").

They are not the harbingers of the current zeitgeist-- they eschew pose and irony. Neither are they classicists or throwbacks. Nicholas Doubleyou & the B-Squad are the greeters of a new order, a re-emergence of passionate, unrestrained and possessed honesty and innocence. They are the listener's challenger and welcome mat. --BH