Nicholas Megalis

Nicholas Megalis


We are a two people. A boy and a girl. Two brains. Four arms. A piano and a drumset. The boy sings his heart out about his loves, his losses, his fears. The girl hits the drums with the energy and rage of a piston while the boy cries out to the world from behind a Roland keyboard.


Fronted by 17 year old pianist/singer Nicholas Megalis and backed by drummer Chelsea Simmons, (also 17 years old), this two piece teenage piano rock act is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Characterized by intense, theatrical vocals, driving piano and held up by a powerful drum backbone, this duo evokes feelings of 1930s New Orleans and modern rock & roll fury. They just recorded their first full length studio album, titled "I See The Moon".



Written By: Nicholas Megalis

Fall and Break
The things you can't take
The words the drive me
into the lake

Save me from Caroline
Save me from myself

The bulls, the horns the sick
and the guns
The words that slip and trip
and then run

Save me from Caroline
Save me from myself

Hope that you get what you want
cause it's not here

Save me from Caroline
Save me from myself


Full length 10 track album - "I See The Moon", recorded at Ante Up Audio in Cleveland, Ohio. Available soon.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of 10-18 songs, all original songs written by Nicholas Megalis, singer/pianist. We throw in a cover song every now and then, but mostly all material is original.