Nicholas Megalis

Nicholas Megalis


I am 18 years old. I taught myself how to play the piano and now I write songs about girls, stupid people, the end of the world, and how weird life is.


Nicholas Megalis was born on April 8th, 1989. Yes, that would make him 18 years old. He had no interest in making music until late 2005 when his father brought home an upright piano which Nicholas used to teach himself music. He has played every venue in Cleveland and currently is recording and working on booking a worldwide tour.


Hands to the sky, We All wave goodbye To our mothers- 2005.
I See the Moon- 2006
Whatever I Am, You'll Understand- 2007
Currently untitled project- 2008

Set List

I play all original songs, and I could play for 4 minutes or 900. Who knows?