Nicholas Mrozinski

Nicholas Mrozinski


“Vibrant and skillful "Alternative Soul-Folk" based out of St. Paul, MN”


Nicholas Mrozinski & the Feelin Band – Bio & Fact Sheet

Nicholas Mrozinski is a vibrant, dynamic and multi-talented singer/songwriter from Saint Paul, MN. Nicholas is making music that is connecting with people, all around the world, on a deeply human level. Nicholas’ music is fully integrated, incorporating many schools of music and thought. His truly unique sound, typically described as “Alternative Soul-Folk” or “Conscious Global Pop” is passionate, intelligent, and captivating. His powerful voice, enriching lyrics, and liquid piano playing truly set him apart and are the reason Skope Magazine calls him “an authentic artist of this millennium.”

Nicholas’ latest project, the hugely successful charity album, The Minnesota Beatle Project, has him in heavy rotation on 89.3, "The Current." His rendition of The Beatles classic “Across the Universe” has been receiving multiple daily spins on KCMP since December of 2009. The album was named "Best Local Compilation CD" by the City Pages and also reigned as top seller for multiple weeks at Electric Fetus. To date, over $50,000 has been raised to help keep music programs alive in Minnesota Public Schools.

Recently Nicholas has been the voice of Artic Cat and the YMCA, doing voice-over work for national Television and Radio ad campaigns. Nicholas also has a talent for drawing. He offers a free print with every CD purchased at his live shows. Nicholas is also working on a book.

Nicholas’ first three albums came with critical acclaim, but—with some big time help, and a ton of steam—it is his latest album, “Together We’re Stronger”, that delivers some truly great songs. In 2008 we watched Nicholas lose over 100+ pounds and perform over 150+ shows. This newfound energy, passion, and momentum brought All-Star Minnesota musicians out of the woodwork to be a part of his new album. “Together We’re Stronger” is not only a representation of the times we all currently face together, but also a validation of the thriving local Twin Cities music scene. The players contributing to the album span over 40+ local bands, unofficially dubbed “The Feelin Orchestra” after Mrozinski’s nickname “The Feelin”.

The way everybody came together to contribute like this really makes the album name ring HOME. It also says a lot about Nicholas’ individual talents. Ask any of the contributing musicians and they’ll tell you that Nicholas’ music is special. Referring to his “global and magnetizing voice,” Rift Magazine believes he is “a chosen one”. Budgeteer News discovered that his’ “music draws you in, and keeps you fixated from the first note. It's like falling in love with music all over again.” Summing it up is The Duluth News Tribune who proclaims, “This man is capable of producing such a warm sound, you’d swear you were sitting in front of an open flame.”

Nicholas and his own Label, Wake the World, are among an emerging trend of Conscious-Capitalists and Eco-Entrepreneurs. Giving back, connecting and sharing are as big a part of their business model as turning a profit. As they build and strive to maintain a position where they can help others, they put the world’s interests equal to their own. All of their CD packaging and mailings feature "green" design, using only recycled materials and FSC certified products. Nicholas and his label are actively seeking to connect with other like-minded organizations, Charities, and individuals - and are openly seeking volunteer opportunities.

Mrozinski and Wake the World, plan on releasing ten albums over the next five years. Mrozinski has already amassed hundreds of original songs, making his ambitious plan a very achievable goal.

Nicholas Mrozinski - "Together We’re Stronger"
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• KSCR – Los Angeles
• WRBB – Boston, MA
• WRAS – Atlanta, GA
• WRDP – Chicago, IL
• WXAV – Chicago, IL
• WIIT – Chicago, IL
• WVIA – Pittston, PA
• WPTS – Pittsburg, PA
• WODU – Norfolk, VA
• KAOS – Olympia, WA
• WXCU – Columbus, OH
• WTJU – Charlottesville, NC
• WWUH – West Harford, CT
• KANM – College Station, TX
• KCMP – Minneapolis, MN
• KFAI – Minneapolis, MN
• WMUC – College Park, MD
• WSBU – St. Bonaventure, NY
• WERU – East Orland, ME
• WUAG – Greensboro, NC
• KAMP – Tucson, AZ
• KBSU – Boise, ID
• KGLT – Bozeman, MT
• WMHD – Terre Haute, ID
• WAWL – Chattanooga, TN
• KWVR – St. Louis, MO
• KNDS – Fargo, ND
• WIDR – Kalamazoo, MI


“You will be diggin’ Nicholas Mrozinski’s distinct musical qualities as an authentic artist of th


Takin a Break from the Break

Written By: Nicholas Mrozinski

Just like this rainstorm, I watched the day form A blanket of opportunities and blessings born

At times I feel torn whether to shed light or sit back in the shadows to appreciate the contrast

the exchange of energy
to weave within and out the eternal mystery for the chance to see something beautiful

and this is where I write about tomorrow
this is where I write about yesterday
cause I don’t know what to write about this morning
memories are all in the way

what lies beyond you and me in the blueprints of existence

the breath behind the voice the choice to take it to another level

the gift of free will, letting it spill like water from the spring

echoes in time something you and I and I alone can only bring

like the search for truth in the eyes of another

the ability to connect and giving respect to what’s needed

and this is where I write about tomorrow
this is where I write about yesterday
cause I don’t know what to write about this morning
memories are all in the way

my laughter falls half after half broken dreams
still holding on to things that strike a chord in my entire being
searching for the ability to let it all go,
when I know that’s what is needed

echoed memories and distant melodies
throughout the seasons, when it’s deep it’s deep
rippled heartbeat that escape through things common but remain personal to the touch

and this is where I write about tomorrow
this is where I write about yesterday
cause I don’t know what to write about this morning
memories are all in the way

and this is where I write about tomorrow
this is where I write about yesterday
cause I don’t know what to write about this morning
memories are all in the way


•Nicholas Mrozinski - "Together We’re Stronger" (2009)

•Nicholas Mrozinski - "Oak Chase Way" (2008)

•Nicholas Mrozinski & the Feelin Band - "The Sacred Play of Life" (2008)

•Nicholas Mrozinski - "Four Legged Light" (2004)

Side Projects:

•Minnesota Beatle Project - Vol. I (2009) Nicholas contributed his rendition of The Beatles classic, "Across the Universe"

•Teague Alexy w/ The Feelin Band - "The New Folklore" (2007) (A Collaborative Effort)

•Nicholas was a part of 3 White Iron Band Albums when he was with the band, and also performed on a Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank album, among others.

Set List

Very Flexible and Versatile. Mostly plays songs from the current album along with songs from previous albums, unreleased, and new material. Will occasionally play a cover or two but mostly original music is presented.