Nicholas Nicholas

Nicholas Nicholas


"Nicholas Nicholas is a swoony electronic pop crooner that feels like a vaporware take on a John Hughes film."- Portals


Chris Masullo (New York by way of Arkansas) began recording as Nicholas Nicholas after a decade accompanied by Talk Talk, Boards of Canada, Tori Amos and loss. He wants to sing for you.


Video Store

Written By: Nicholas Nicholas

I got no piece of advice
Not that you needed it anyhow
Become ecclesiastical on the floor

Come to my pot luck party
we'll find diamonds and diamonds and diamonds
in the cracks of the car seat

Take a left turn (only so I know where to find you when I get lonely) take right turn

I picked up work in a video store
to watch it all fall and I wanted more.

At the pinnacle of tiny talk
we discuss the virtues of less desire
but I've got swords and boats
and jewelry waitin for a home on your arm
I'm standing
I've been walking around town with dirt on my hands

And I picked up work in a video store
to watch it all fall and I wanted more
I traced my steps from the house to car
I traced my steps from the car to the door
I picked up work in a video store
to see what will become of my heart


Written By: Nicholas Nicholas

Hey, how do you know my name?
I dont give that shit to anyone
unless they ask names

I'm "Robert". But I look more like a "Justin"
Guess it's just my long hair. My ankles.

You were nine years old, I was your best friend
Now I'm just your dead friend, haunting you in evening
answering your questions, staring at your collar bone
pretending I'm on the phone
until I am on the phone

I'm picking up on the joke
two weekends ago i was criminal
funny how
you straightened me out

How do you know my name?

I Don't Want To Say Why

Written By: Nicholas Nicholas

Threw away all my markers
there was nothing with which I could write
In the dark age, the sky is still very bright

I'm just beginning to answer
a question that was asked in former time
I just couldn't answer
and now the question has slipped my mind

I don't want to say why


Comfort Falls (2013)- self released