Nicholas Ward

Nicholas Ward


If John Denver had a son raised by Jimmy Buffet.


Somewhere between Colin Hay, John Denver and Jimmy Buffet, and James Taylor -- Nicholas Ward plays folk chords and draws a crowd.

"Florida bands and musicians have no choice, but to make big careers in the music industry. Think Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Buffet, Molly Hatchet, Limp Bizkit. Florida also manufactured the those mouseketeers Britney, Christina, and Justin. Besides, if they didn't start here, they will retire here."



Written By: Nicholas Ward

Sometimes its hard on the streets of New York
Sometimes you look up to find there is no sky
The buzz of it all keeps us up at night
But you know it rocks us back to sleep

When everything is movin' all around so fast
It's hard to slow down down down

Under it all, when the trains stall
It's quiet
The hum means we're safe, all is in place
We like it

If Liberty leads the way, she'll walk all over Brooklyn
And when she's done she'll head straight out to sea

Seems like there's a meter running on everything
To walk and to breathe is that all that's free

If we follow the footsteps of her path
We'll start to sink down down down

Under it all, I'm not as small
As above it
The hum means were safe, all is in place
We love it


A New Love For Music Vol.1, an 11-song album of church songs. Elvis started out that way, too. Lately, I have been recording my "country" songs and distributing them via MP3.

Set List

"I play anywhere from 30 min - 2 hour sets over 60 times a year. I try to keep to my originals. Most of my covers are hymns. Retired folks seem to love Amazing Grace."