Nicholas Wright

Nicholas Wright



Nicholas Wright has established himself as a charismatic performer as the front-man of the bands "The Black Mariah" and "Paragon" as well as the keyboard player for "Eric Hill and Hidden Drive." Nicholas is now well on his way to establishing himself as a respected solo performer in the NYC club scene. Classically trained since the age of six in both piano and guitar, Nicholas combines impressive technique with solid song-writing to contribute to his unique sound. His intricate guitar finger-picking and heartfelt lyric writing is accompanied by delicate piano playing and sophisticated productions. Nicholas Wright's three-track EP safely navigates the contemporary folk guitar and singing style set forth as pop gospel. With solid acoustic picking and pretty melodies, Wright's sound is sure to make even the more discerning college ladies swoon.


The Elberon Place EP
1. Take Me Some Place
2. Wasting Time
3. Walkin'
4. So Much to Lose

Set List

Nicholas can play a set between 1-2 hrs of original material solo on piano, guitar, or accompanied by a 5-piece band.

Guitar Set:

1. Take Me SomePlace
2. Open 24hr Tragedy
3. Walkin
4. A Place to Call My Own
5. Goodbye (The Stranger)
6. Mystified
7. Fistful of Sorrow
8. Who Can I find
9. Beautiful Stranger
10. Far Gone and Strung Along

Piano Set:

1. Up on This Hill
2. Seeing A Face
3. So Much To Lose
4. Monster Money
5. Frail
6. One of These Days
7. January
8. Please Forgive Me