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Nicholson & Rousseau

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Dynamic Duo"

Dynamic Duo
Nicholson and Rousseau sign with 80 One Records
By Lane Robbins, contributing writer

In a world full of categories and titles, few dare to break the rules. The musical duo known as
Nicholson & Rousseau is one of those brave few. The newest addition to 80 One Records,
JMU’s student-run label, combines styles, techniques and entertaining personalities to create a
sound that is hard to categorize.
“We haven’t been able to classify ourselves, and that makes us happy,� said senior Asher
According to their MySpace page, Nicholson and sophomore Will Rousseau are a “folk/pop�
duo, although their multi-layered guitar sound and powerful harmonies take them far beyond
those labels.
“We play guitar finger-style, as opposed to strumming, which is a lot harder,� Nicholson said.
“Our style is pretty unique, so we’ll see if it catches on.�
Their sound is a pleasing combination of traditional and contemporary music.
“He’s folk; I’m pop,� Rousseau said. “Our different styles really compliment each other.�
It’s no secret why the two mesh so well together – they’re related. As cousins growing up in
Richmond, Nicholson and Rousseau both had an interest in music. Nicholson played the
saxophone for seven years and began teaching himself how to play the guitar at 16. Rousseau
sang in middle and high school and taught himself guitar at 14.
The two did not need professional music lessons to get to where they are today. They began
playing together for fun while Rousseau was a senior in high school. When he discovered he
would be attending JMU the next fall with Nicholson, the two started playing seriously.
They decided to concentrate on their music even more this semester, and signed a one-year
contract with 80 One Records this past Friday.
“Signing means a lot to us because it allows us to focus on writing and fine-tuning our music,
and it will also help us get heard,� Rousseau said.
The two are especially determined to reawaken the simple acoustic guitar sound.
“Acoustic got lost in indie rock,� Rousseau said. “We want to bring it back.�
They plan to do this through writing songs that have stories behind them and performing them in a way that pays homage to their influences like Jim Croce, James Taylor and Simon &
“There’s just something about a really simple song,� Rousseau said.
“Lyrics are really important to us,� Nicholson said.
The two have a unique song-writing method: they don’t have one.
“It usually goes like this: one of us will say, ‘Hey, I wrote something I really like. Come over
and we’ll work on it,’� Rousseau said.
“Sometimes it turns out to be really good,� Nicholson said.
The two have been busy recording their upcoming album, which wraps up this month and is due
to be released in February. - The Breeze, November 5, 2007


LP- Set it Free, 2008.

Singles: "sunshine and hue" & "shenandoah"



Nicholson & Rousseau is a folk/pop duo from Richmond, Virginia. The band's members, Asher Nicholson and William Rousseau, are cousins that grew up in a very close family. Specializing in finger-style guitar and two-part harmonies, Nicholson & Rousseau have been influenced by artists such as Jim Croce, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Loggins & Messina, Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, Martin Sexton, and Nickel Creek. Their live shows are full of stories, jokes, and of course memorable music. They have been playing together for over three years and recently released their first full-length album, titled "Set it Free."

They have also opened for Major Recording Artists such as Josh Gracin (American Idol) and Lance Miller (Nashville Star)