Nick Edelstein

Nick Edelstein


"dazzling, mesmerizing guitar-driven Blues-Rock ... breathtaking guitar work, with vocal performances of liquid gold ... notes flourish like a roaring freight train ..." -Southeast Performer Magazine | Nick is endorsed by Holland Guitars and KOA


Nick is a songwriter who focuses on Funk-Blues and Rock. He plays guitar and sings in his band, which includes saxes, piano/organ, bass and drums. Think Saturday Night Live meets Stevie Wonder. His most recent album, Year Of The Ox, portrays real down-to-earth characters struggling to find themselves in a complex world. Each song focuses on a different relationship: a girl and her classmates; husband and wife; a photographer and her subject; the Entertainment Industry and fans; the coal mining industry and our ecosystem. Nick's songs have been radio-broadcast across 4 continents and featured in video games, iPhone apps, films and marriage proposals. His volunteer activities have included Habitat for Humanity builds, planting with Trees Atlanta, and working on the renovation of Katrina Victims' homes in NOLA.
Nick has toured with / opened for international acts like Devon Allman's Honeytribe, Danny "Mudcat" Dudeck and Francine Reed. Nick has played major events like Atlanta Dogwood Festival (+100,000) and appeared on NPR radio. He is endorsed by Holland Guitars.
In addition to writing and performing his music, Nick has played guitar, piano and/or Hammond organ with Sun Domingo, Five Star Iris, Kevn Kinney (DrivnN'Cryin), Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), and Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks) to name a few.
In May '08, Southeast Performer Magazine wrote: “a terrific ride through the world of blues … Nick’s handywork on lead guitar is impeccably precise, as each song spills with fervent balance … Edelstein shows his intimate side on endearing originals ‘Sign From Above’ and ‘Ripple’ … fiery energy and breathtaking guitar work, and his voice suits the blues man, with performances of liquid gold … notes flourish like a roaring freight train.”


2010 - showcase @ Sweet Auburn Springfest
2010 - song "Happy Trail" featured in G-rated game "Colorous" for iPhone and Facebook platfoms
2009 - headlined "GSPA Conference," Univ. of Georgia
2009 - opened for Devon Allman's "Honeytribe"
2009 - opened for Francine Reed
2009 - opened for Danny "Mudcat" Dudeck
2009 - endorsement from Holland Guitars (replaces prior endorsement from First Act Guitars)
2009 - main stage performance @ Atlanta Dogwood Festival w/Connor Christian
2008 - Western Carolina Univ. "UC Summer Concert Series"
2008 - Spotlight Artist on
2008 - showcase @ Cape May Singer-Songwriter festival
2008 - showcase @ "TSE Convention," Atlanta
2007 - Endorsements - First Act Guitars and KOA
2007 - performance @ Mountain Moonshine Festival (Dawsonville, GA)
2007 - headlined "GSPA Conference," Univ. of Georgia
2007 - headlined "Griffin Blues Festival"
2007 - showcase @ 9th Great Atlanta Blues Festival
2007 - showcase @ Sweet Auburn Springfest (WJZZ 107.5 FM stage)
2006 - "Sign From Above" is "Featured Song Of The Week" on WRIR 97.3 FM (Richmond, VA)
2006 - showcase @ Union City Fall Festival
2006 - showcase @ 8th Great Atlanta Blues Festival
2004 - main stage performance @ NJ Garden State Horse Show



Written By: (c)2006 Nick Edelstein (BMI)

So you squeeze a little harder,
as hard as you can.
And pray it’s enough to get through the day.

Body is aching
but you dare not let go.
When you love a dream, do whatever it takes.

Go make your ripple
in the waters of time.
Find your sweat tastes bittersweet.

Those scars will vanish
in the smiles of children,
and you’ll feel the ripples collide.

Stop fishing for a lover
and chisel your niche.
(And) you’ll find the fish are finding you.

Say something peculiar
or speak nothing at all.
That’s always been my finesse.

And when life brings you words
for which books have no meaning,
search your heart - ‘cause that’s where our ripples collide.

That’s where our___ripples, . . . . . collide. {end}

Kentucky Sun

Written By: (c)2006 Nick Edelstein (BMI)

I can’t live in the city anymore; too many women in the night.
I’m headed for the Bluegrass State
where people love the light and I will run. I’m on the run, run, run.
Yeah, I gotta get to the Southland so I can see Kentucky sun.

They call it “the meadow land,” the “land of tomorrow.”
From the Cumberland waterfall, to the sassafras of Owensboro.
I got to go, go, go.
I’ll find peace in the Southland underneath Kentucky sun.

The riverbank near Louisville is “dark and bloody ground.”
Lush hills of goldenrods.
And then there’s the state fair grounds. There’s enough for everyone.
So get to the derby and help yourself to Kentucky sun.

I’m not from the Big Apple with its neon night.
I come from the Bluegrass State – I got to spread my wings and fly.
And I’m on the run, run, run.
So get to the Southland and help yourself to Kentucky sun.


Written By: (c)2006 Nick Edelstein (BMI)

Groovy pop culture,
overflowing ecstatic love.
Peace – tells it like it is.

Rock and roll and hippie beads,
boss to the jive of the underground – never found.
Time, radio, and TV.
How can they relate to me?
Swirly colors not they see.
I am he but we are not together.


Symbiotic souls as one,
laying under the same sun.
Same land and air and water space.
No one sees through my face.
Cameras and politics,
still they never get my kicks.


Family and kids have I. Can’t wait ‘till they learn to fly.
Oh, but will they feel the same pain as I…did?
When will humans learn to grow?
To understand what they don’t know?
To live for fun and not for show?

'cause when you’re tripping,
they move real slow.
When you’re tripping,
you gotta let go.
When you’re tripping, uh, uh, uh,
When you’re tripping,
yeah you gotta let go

Sign From Above

Written By: (c)2004 Nick Edelstein (BMI)

Never saw the Dark Side of Oz
and now I’ll never need to.
Max says I’m not missing much,
I think I was just missing you.
Who knew freedom could be ink on paper?
I always thought it was love.
But if it’s true how come I’m so lonely?
I needed I sign from above

just like this one.
Oh, singin’ and prayin’
ooh, oooooh
‘cause I was strayin’ from what I was born to do.
just like this one
There must’ve been something about the weather
ooh, oooooh
in that Georgia September.

I close my eyes to dream automatic
'cause I don’t want to see the end.
Wrap my soul in the blanket you gave me
and write a song again

just like this one.
Oh, singin’ and prayin’
ooh, oooooh
‘cause I was strayin’ from what I was born to do.
just like this one
There must’ve been something about the weather
ooh, oooooh
in that Georgia September.

Road To Nowhere

Written By: (c)1997 Nick Edelstein (BMI)

Driving down a paved road,
wave to the people passing.
Taking in the sights,
[there’s] so much to see.
Buildings everywhere
stretching the horizon.
At night they glow
it’s hard to breathe. So hard to breathe.

So I’m taking that road to nowhere, but this can't be all I want to be.
One in a million odds we’ll meet again.
Just remember me.

Driving down a dirt road,
wave to the kinfolk.
Taking in the sights,
[there’s] not much to see.
When the sun shines
I will recognize
the sweetness that I used to feel
in your lying eyes.

And I’m on this road in the middle of nowhere, but this can’t be all I want to be.
One in a million, shining stars in the sky.
Could you be happy just getting by?

Hear the thunder, feel the rain drops falling on my head.
Coming down in buckets and filling me with lead.

And I take that road to nowhere when I’m alone at night and it’s hard to breathe.
One million, shining stars in the sky.
Could you be happy just getting by?
I’m happy right where I am, trying to get by. I’m getting by.


2010 LP "Year Of The Ox"
(released July 24, CD format)
(online @ iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby, etc.)
1. Foolin' Yourself
2. Collusion Collision
3. Daphne
4. Steal Me
5. 500 Mountains
6. Gray
7. P.C. Religion

2010 single "Steal Me"
(released June 1, DPD format)
(online @ iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby, etc.)
1. Steal Me

2007 LP "Live in 2007"
(released Nov. 11, DPD format)
(online @ iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby, etc.)
1. Crossroads - Charlotte
2. Stormy Monday - Dahlonega
3. "It's Friday" intro - WUGA 97.9 FM
4. Sign From Above - WUGA 97.9 FM
5. Hound Dog - Charlotte
6. Ripple - Charlotte
7. Interview - WUGA 97.9 FM
8. Sign From Above - Dahlonega
9. Ripple - WUGA 97.9 FM
10. Road To Nowhere - WUGA 97.9 FM
11. Tripping - WUGA 97.9 FM
12. Kentucky Sun - Charlotte
13. Impromptu Improv In A - Charlotte
14. Before You Accuse Me - Charlotte
15. Layla - Dahlonega

2006 LP "Ripple"
(released Aug. 1, CD format)
(Decatur CD, Wuxtry Records, Criminal Records, and online @ iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby, etc.)
1. What You Deserve
2. Kentucky Sun
3. Tripping
4. When Lilies Fade
5. Road To Nowhere
6. Ripple
7. A.J.E.
8. Sign From Above
9. Trip Up The Mountain
10. Sarasong

Set List

- 3hr set includes 2.5hrs originals and 30mins covers.
- 1.5 hr set includes all originals (1 cover possible).
- 45min-1hr set includes all originals.
- 30 minute set includes all originals.

We are an original act with great original music. In keeping with Blues traditions, we can incorporate traditional songs ("covers"). But we're endorsed, award-winning songwriters with positive originals.

We're proud to have performed showcases at Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival (NJ) and TSE @ the all-new World Of Coke (GA). We've headlined many singer-songwriter venues around Georgia (our home state) such as The Crimson Moon (Dahlonega), Smiths Olde Bar "Songsmiths Songwriter Series" (Atlanta) and Kavarna's Acoustic Songwriter Series (Oakhurst).

Past "covered" artists include: Albert King, Allman Bros., Bobby Bland, Bob Marley, Robert Cray, Elmore James, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Carlos Santana.
Sample Set List: