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your my shotgun

Written By: nick

do i wollow in self pitty?
its hard to pick out anything good.
its nearly comforting.
in this situation, knowone culd.

ripping me to shreds.
something cut me loose.
why do u rip my bleeding heart out?
its like a scene from a movie without the happy ending.
like romeo and juliet without the romance.
liked a failed suicide.
this feeling deserves its own cliche.

cup your eyes.
cover your ears.
you don't want to see this.

bang! your my shotgun.
you killed me.
now im just a lonely soul.
my life you fucking stole.
you know ill haunt you, ill be your shotgun.
theres nowhere you can run.

Save urself from this hell, pick urself up from the ashes, before your life crashes.
Corrupted advice, i know.
Where not good for eachother.
Such a deadly attraction.