Nick Albury

Nick Albury


Nick Albury is a producer, audio engineer and musician from Boston MA, currently working and playing in and around the Miami FL area. He has produced numerous projects in a vast array of genres, including rock band Beckham County Trainwreck, and his own Instrumental Hip hop EP "Things that Move Me."


Growing up Nick experienced living both on the tiny island of Grand Bahama, as well as the quiet north shore of Massachusetts. Having lived in two vastly different places has given Nick a good amount of musical flexibility allowing him to blend and integrate almost any style of music into his own personal productions. Currently he devides his time between being one of the dueling guitarists of Beckham County Trainwreck, and his work as an assistant recording engineer at several studios on, and around, north miami's historic studio row. He has done a good deal of work as an independent producer including an album for singer song writer Tristan Hunt. Not limited to working in music production environment, Nick has also worked as an audio engineer and composer for the student produced film "When the Darkness Comes," contributing an original score and doing the movie's sound design He is currently working on mixing an independent EP by his former band Con Sam, while simultaneously working with Beckham County Trainwreck band mate and fellow producer, Rob Faulstich, on BCT's next release.


-Tristan Hunt, "Dancing With the Blues" (2005)
-Beckham County Trainwreck, "Beckham County Trainwreck EP"
-DJ Stash, "Things that Move Me"
-Con Sam, "Con Sam"