Nick Allison Trio

Nick Allison Trio


Dynamic, original, passionate jazz and funk, both acoustic and electric.


A Seattle native, Nick has been a working pianist and keyboard player in the area since 1975. In 2007 he formed the Nick Allison Trio with two longtime associates, bassist Cary Black and drummer Chris Monroe.
The trio plays heady, listenable music characterized by grooving rhythmic drive, open-eared ensemble work, and dynamism. More than half the band’s material consists of original compositions by pianist/leader Allison, which range from gospel-flavored funk to tender, harmonically intricate jazz ballads.

Set List

Typical set length is 45-50 minutes, but we're flexible. A sample:

Cypress Nocturne (Allison)
Waltz for KT (Allison)
Welcome Song (Allison)
Sauce for the Gander (Allison)
My One and Only Love (Wood/Mellin)
Valdez in the Country (Hathaway)
Requiem for 3,000 (Allison)
Janus (Allison)