Nick Bielby

Nick Bielby


Singer/songwriter - Bob Dylan meets Neil Young meets Josh Pyke meets Donovan. Emphasis on the songs at hand as opposed to high flying guitar solos and theatrics.


Hi there, For those of you interested enough to be reading this, my name is Nick Bielby and I am a 19 year old solo singer songwriter from Harrington on the midnorth coast of NSW between Taree and Port Macquarie. I have played in a number of bands in Taree and Newcastle over the last 5 years and have recently (in the last year or so) began to work on solo stuff. I take pride in the fact that I write songs and am very keen to get out and play to whoever will listen (this means I am happy to travel for the right gig - I have a car!) To those that have heard my stuff it has been likened to the folkie sort of styles of Donovan, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. So if I sound like your cup of tea take a look at myspace, have a listen to my songs or come at see me playing in the Taree/ Forster area and let me know what you think - (unless you think I'm shit, then I probably won't want to talk to you very much lol)


The Wooden Horse EP - April 2007 - 4 Tracks
1. Wooden Horse
2. Control Is An Illusion
3. Shade of Red
4. Epilogue

Set List

Mainly play original songs - have a set of 12 originals but also have 25 or so polished covers up my sleeve ranging from Bob Dylan to Cold Chisel to Neil Young to the Beatles.

- Wooden Horse
- Control Is An Illusion
- Shade of Red
- Epilogue
- The Great Anti-climax
- All Tied Up In Knots
- Heavenly
- Where The River Runs
- Ballad of an Honest Man
- The Warden
- She Answered My Prayers
- Belittle Your Faint Heart