Nick Bognar

Nick Bognar


If you like smart songs with serious hooks, this music is for you. If you like humor mixed with searing, embarrassing pain, this music is for you. If you're into serious musical wanking and empty lyrics, I can probably change your mind.


In the current world and musical climate, where gorgeous people
pitch-correct and produce their way into the national ear, Nick Bognar
has emerged as the perfect opposite of the mainstream- modest-looking,
modestly-produced, and deadly intelligent. Bognar mixes sharp lyrics and
sticky pop hooks with a balls-out live show in order to assure that he
will be ringing in your ears on the ride home from the bar (in the back
of a police car).

Nick Bognar takes a very personal approach to writing songs, taking his
most striking (and often embarrassing, sometimes infuriating) moments
and transcribing them into song. The premise behind Bognar's recent
debut album, "I'm In Love and I Hate It" is that Bognar himself can't be
the only person broken by love. If you're one of those people, sing
along. If you're one of those people who likes to laugh through the
suffering, clap your hands. If you're not one of those folks, then buy
Nick Bognar a beer and join the chorus anyway.


It Doesn't Work Anymore

Written By: Nick Bognar

I know everyone's not out to get me, but then again everyone could be...
I'm on guard nearly all of the time, but then again maybe I should be
I wish that someone understood me.
There was a time I could walk down the street without looking over my shoulder,
But I learned soon that when my life gets wet it only takes it minutes to moulder.
I'm not that much older
And I used to sleep at night without waking up full of dread and sweating
I used to smoke these cigarettes to get me high,
I used to do my puzzles starting with the sky,
It doesn't work anymore!
I had a lump on the top of my foot and I went to the doc for some answers
"Son, what you're footing is a plantar's wart. It's your brain that is fighting a cancer.
At least you can still be a dancer!"
I had a laugh at the mind that I lost, 'cause I never used it that much to start with.
In a city where you don't know the roads, your car isn't that much to part with.
I am thoughtless, not heartless...
Picked up my parts with a butterfly net and they threw them all in a basket.
I had a question but they locked up the lid before I ever got a chance to ask it.
It would've been fantastic...
Piece by piece I'm starting to lost it
Before I gave myself a fair chance to use it
Old before his time
I'm gonna beat my head against a wall until it doesn't hurt anymore
I'm gonna shout these tenets I believe until I'm not sure anymore

Swan Dive

Written By: Nick Bognar

Cheeky grinning kids in the sunlight
Cigarettes piled up in a heap
A mini Eiffel Tower that's a hundred feet tall
Probably isn't too bad a fall-
I think I'm gonna jump down to see what I can see.
Cracked and broken pieces of plectrum
Pentatonic scales in the air
Spend a thousand dollars just to say that you did
Something like the Great British kids
Down the stairs and into a Cavern
Sweating like a pig in a poke
Ride the elevator to the 32nd floor,
And ask me if there's anything more-
I got a song in my head, knife in my hand, cutting my cord
Swan dive to all that hurts me, what deserts me makes me stronger
I've got to know the answer, if you know it show it to me
But they only tell me the map to heaven is written on the bottom of the sea---
Scones and danish mold in the sunlight
Coffee puddles up on the floor
If the man with breakfast doesn't come with his cart
Do you think the people will starve?
Quiet sounds of anger and protest
People calling out for revenge
I think I know a lawyer who can catch him on a hunch-
And we can eat his body for lunch

Hot White Stardom

Written By: Nick Bognar

Did you wake up one day all alone in your room? Seeing:
1. Laugh lines 2. Frown lines 3. Fault lines
Did you get shaken up when you were just waking up- crow's footprints on the edge of your eyes?
I didn't trust my own ears when I heard you say, "I'm a divorcee, I got bills to pay.
"I got talent to waste (not accounting for taste). I want money if I can't be happy..."
Hey Liz!
First you tore me apart and then you sewed me back up
And I was different than how I was before
But you weren't satisfied being Lennon in heels; You had to cash in on your musical porn
It was a hell of a shock (if you know what I mean) when you put down your guitar to model bluejeans
You're a hero of mine on the highest of peaks-
Now show the world your belly when you feel weak!
Hey Liz!
(She's a copy of those who tried to best her. Silken lyrics recorded to polyester)
All your lies were revealed in the hourglass sand:
You've got superstar plans, but no time for your fans
With their song and your voice and a fresh PR team,
You're a caricature! You're a middle-aged teen!
Hey Liz! Play dumb when the labels are looking!
Hey Liz! Telling lies is a step down from hooking!
Hey Liz! Now you're covered in flowers and cum-
Hey Liz! Does it taste like stardom?


"Im In Love and I Hate It" EP- 2005

Set List

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It Doesn't Work Anymore
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