Nick Brigden

Nick Brigden


Fresh, in your face, powerful both lyrically and musically. Very versatile in any type of music and always ready for a challenge.


Growing up in a very musical family, Nick Brigden was always interested in music. Learning how to play instruments, training his voice by attending vocal lessons and joining the local choir were just a few of the after school activities Nick participated in.
In high school, he found the performer in him by taking drama classes. He performed in major theatre productions including "The Sound of Music". "I would wait in anticipation for my scene to come up because I was so excited to be on the stage and entertain the sold out audiences we usually had."
During a conversation with Nick's cousin Simon Honeyman, Simon played an instrumental song on the guitar. Nick pulled out a piece of poetry he had written a few years before and soon the two were recording the song.
Years and many songs later 21 year old Nick has released his debut LP "Elgin at Elizabeth" on EAE Records. The album has already recieved great reviews.
"[It's like] an emotional journey filled with ups and downs [...] it greatly captures any emotion anyone has gone through." - The Bulletin.
"Full of energy and life, for an emo driven record" - Outaouais Express.
His singles "Down The Line" and "Perfect Nightmare" and the newly recorded "My Regret" are now being played on Canadian and American college radio.


Perfect Nightmare

Written By: N. Brigden

This thing is wonderful
This reality
So open it up
See all the lies?

See everyone's blank states,
You thought you did something wrong,
Just can't bear with anyone else.
It's hard to keep your eyes open.

Reading everyone's Misery,
With your own hand
It's just what you wanted
It's your perfect nightmare
But this time there's no waking up.

Down The Line

Written By: N.Brigden

Getting here is hard enough
everyone hears the sound
of the screaming of a single child,
of the death of my mind.

Make sure you stay in the line
going outside will break the gate
of yearning, of life.
You speak
but I don't understand.

Am I trapped in this world forever?

Making my way
down, down the road
it doesn't notice
it never will
got to leave me
you will never be
anything without me.

Trapped inside my hollow bones
you will never be alone
feelings so intense
I can hardly breathe.

Going on towards my way
it never fades away
you always be here,
you always be near.

You'll be screaming down the line.


Written By: N.Brigden

You remember me but I don't remember you
I'm blurred by your distrust,
your lies

whispering to me
lost words of hope and happiness
lingering on my last thread
that you've always wanted to keep

we tried to hold on
but you've just decided to make me disappear
I want to say goodnight
to bring upon the calm

I see you clearly for the first time
its time to decide
you need to realize


LP'S - Elgin at Elizabeth (Re-issue)
Singles - Down The Line, Perfect Nightmare, My Regret, Song For Yesterday

Set List

-Song For Yesterday
-Perfect Nightmare
-My Regret
-Down The Line
-Elgin at Elizabeth