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Nick Deysher/In The Nick of Time

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In The Nick of Time is music for all, big and small. By blending the sounds of rock, reggae, funk and pop with fun and catchy lyrics Nick Deysher has created music for the whole family to enjoy together


As long has he can remember, Nick Deysher has been making music. From his humble beginnings, singing in the church choir and performing in community theater, to the present day, music has been a driving force in his life.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Nick learned a variety of instruments (cello, saxophone, recorder, bassoon), but it wasn't until he picked up the bass guitar at age 15 that he discovered a passion for performing rock and roll.

As a songwriter, Nick, again, began at an early age. His talents were recognized early on, and his achievements reflect this. In 1995 Nick was awarded the Judges Choice Award at the Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival for directing his own jazz combo, playing stringed bass and composing original jazz songs for the group to play.

After high school, Nick moved to Maine to attend Bates college. For the next four years Nick played in several bands and continued to write music. He graduated with a BA in Jazz composition and presented a thesis concert of big band music entitled Nemo's Dream.

In 2000 Nick Deysher started working as a preschool teacher at the LEAP school in Lexington MA. Through his work with young children, Nick developed a catalog of great children's music and a curriculum for teaching music to toddlers and preschoolers.

In 2001, Nick released his first children's album, One Man Band. By blending a variety of musical styles and genres with themes that spark children's interest, One Man Band became an instant success. The title is fitting. Nick sang and composed all the original music, he played all of the instrument tracks, he produced mixed and mastered the album and he even designed the cover art. In addition, in 2002 Nick formed Li'l Nemo Records a label dedicated to promote and distribute his music. Nick quickly sold out of his first batch of albums. His fans were thirsty for more great music, and he was encouraged to keep on recording.

He followed One Man Band with 2003's In The Nick of Time. Nick again won over new fans and found success playing at parties, fairs and on children's radio. He toured throughout the northeast when he was not teaching, and built a large following.

In 2005 Nick moved to Coconut Grove Florida to pursue his master's degree in Media Writing and Studio Music Production at the University of Miami.
As one of only two people accepted into the program, Nick honed his skills as a composer and producer.

It was in Coconut Grove that Nick formed In The Nick of Time Music. This new production company was designed to utilize his skills as a record producer, creating music for web applications and film/TV scores.

In the spring of 2006 Nick was honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with the Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship. With their mentorship Nick plans to take his music worldwide, and hopes to achieve his dream of writing for children's television.

The future looks bright for Nick. He's putting the finishing touches on his latest album, Coconut Groove which is set for release in early 2007. He is also working on an illustrated, picture book version of one of his most popular songs (The Dinosaur Song).


One Man Band (2001)
In The Nick of Time (2003)

Coming Soon!!

Coconut Groove (2007)
The Dinosaur Song Picture Book (2007)

Set List

Nick is available for music classes, concert performances and private events.

*Typical music classes last between 20-30 minutes and involve movement, dancing and musical concepts.

*Concert performances are typically between 25 and 45 minutes. Nick delivers a mix of original music and traditional, sing-along favorites to please any audience!

*Private events (such as birthdays, picnics, fairs and school celebrations) typically run 25-30 minutes. Nick will get your kids up and dancing, marching and shaking to the beat!