Nick Dothée and Nothing from the Sea

Nick Dothée and Nothing from the Sea

 Portland, Oregon, USA


West coast, then East Coast, now West Coast again. Born and raised in San Francisco, Nick Dothée landed in Portland, Oregon on the heels of a sprouting acting career in New York City. He studied drama at an early age, attending high school at the San Francisco School of the Arts and later attending The University of North Carolina’s School of Arts. Unable to shake the music and songwriting inherent in his DNA, Dothée landed prominent singing roles throughout his early stage endeavors. He arrived in Portland in the Spring of 2010 to focus on music, forging his own niche of ardent pop, full of lush ballads and emotive lyrics, as exemplified on his new release, My Own Devices EP.


My Own Devices EP, February 8th 2011