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The best kept secret in music


"Bring in the Fury"

Bring in the Fury
Label hopes listeners go 'Def'

Crowbar, 420 E. College Ave., is known for hosting ear-shattering concerts and wild parties, but Saturday night, the bar might leave a few patrons "def."

Along with Def Jam records, 927 Entertainment, Kaos Entertainment, Got Beats Productions and SuaveHouse Inc., the bar will host a release party for the Def Jamaica compilation CD. The party includes three DJ performances and a live set from upcoming rapper Nick Fury.

"Basically, Def Jamaica is an album put together by Def Jam," head Def Jam representative Anoop George (junior-finance) said. "It infuses reggae and dance hall music with hip-hop."

Although the disc features performances and remixes from artists such as Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder and Jay-Z, Fury will be the only MC performing at the party. But if the 20-year-old Virginia native has his way, his name might be just as recognizable someday soon.

Def Jam
What: Release party
Where: Crowbar, 420 E. College Ave.
When: Saturday, 10p.m.
Details: $7, ages 18-20
$5 ages 21 and over

Fury said he has rhymed since a very young age, but when he was 17, he stumbled into his first glimpse of success. While attending a Source Unsigned Hype rap contest in support of one of his friends, he was persuaded to compete himself -- and ultimately beat out 300 other contestants.

"That was like one of the greatest moments of my life," he said. "After that, everyone was hitting me up to do stuff, like shows, recordings ... I'm like, 'Wow, I'm still in 11th grade.' "

Due to poor management, however, Fury was unable to keep that immediate victory rolling. Under the control of his first manager, Fury began to notice that the only way he accomplished anything was by doing it himself; this hands-on realization helped him leave that management and pursue things on his own for a while.

Eventually, Fury was able to hook up with producers that made things work for him. He recorded a 25-track mix tape demo that is still available. But perhaps the best indicator of Fury's approach to the music is his moniker, a reference to the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

"He didn't have any superhuman powers," Fury said. "The dude was just smart. I have no powers, no advantages over the next guy, but the fact that I'm smart ... I'm like a double-edged sword."

Fury said he puts those smarts into his lyrics. His music itself is a witty, tongue-in-cheek metaphor for his personality.

"When you hear something I say in my music, nine times out of 10 it came from regular speech," he said. "It's almost corny, kind of like a Ben Stiller flick. It all has a serious undertone but it's lighthearted."

George -- who booked Fury for the gig -- said he feels the rapper's music stands out.

"This cat's nasty. He's amazing," he said. "I listen to a lot of demos. His was one of the best ones I've ever heard."

Fury is currently shopping his tape around to several labels, but whenever things do work out for him, he's sure it will be huge.

"Make sure you look out," he said. "It's gonna happen soon, and once it hits, it's gonna be huge."

But even though Fury is the main act, George said the DJs are just as important. They will be spinning "anything that's new that's more hip-hop oriented," he said.

Headliner DJ Volcanik has spun at several major clubs in New York, while DJ BriteSunny is the house DJ for Dream club in Washington, D.C. DJ Tone, who starts off the evening, will be performing his first live gig Saturday.

In honor of the CD, the night will also be filled with Def Jam giveaways and promotions. David Wells, director of operations for Crowbar, said the CD release party is a good chance to both celebrate and enjoy live music.

"I'm not sure that the whole idea has caught on outside of the metropolitan areas, but it's a really cool opportunity," he said. "You've got a CD release party, but you've also got live performances."

- By Paul Weinstein (Collegian)



Can you give everyone some background as to who Nick Fury is?
I’m like the Comic book character Nick Fury for real. He didn't have any superhuman powers. The dude was just smart. I have no powers, no advantages over the next guy, but the fact that I'm smart ... I'm like a double-edged sword. When you hear something I say in my music, nine times out of 10 it came from regular speech. It's almost corny, kind of like a Ben Stiller flick. It all has a serious undertone but it's lighthearted.

What's your opinion of Richmond's Hip Hop scene?
Cats out here are hungry. We’re in place that doesn’t get much light like NYC. It’s hard to get the same love out here, but we grinding hard for it. We gonna change the game like Timbaland, Missy & Neptunes did out of Virginia Beach. Wait till you see what Richmond is hiding.

You went to the Source's Unsigned Hype battle in 2000 and placed second, can you talk about that experience and what came out of it?
It made me hungry to get a career started in Hip Hop. I didn’t expect to do what I did back then because I wasn’t taking it that serious. Since then I’ve been in the studio killing tracks all day!

You got a couple mix tapes popping, what's good with those?
I got the Pistols & Techs joint you can download off my website and a joint AMG Entertainment is putting out. All in preparation for my album; Mix tapes are pretty good for getting some light, but I ain’t holding myself to that.

Your crew is "The Burglars," what's good with them?
The Burglars consist of JR, E Skummy, Lil Lee, 5Mics and I. We are constantly recording. We each have solo projects in the works. We’re just grinding till we get a break in the game. Then we gonna take it over!

You got the single out "Da Burglar Hop," how's that been doing?
It’s been doing alright getting spins in places I didn’t even think had can only get better from here. Radio stations such as WERQ in Baltimore, MD; WPGC in Washington, DC; WDTJ in Detroit, MI; WHTA in Atlanta, GA; WCDX in Richmond, VA; KKFR and KZZP in Phoenix, AZ; WBOT in Boston, MA; etc. They’ve been giving it love and the single isn’t official out yet. Its crazy the love they are showing!

What do you want to get out of Hip Hop?
I want to have a stable life and notoriety that’s it.

What's your next move?
To make a video for “Da Burglar Hop” and work this single for the summer. I’m recording the album now and got joints out there for everyone. My management company AMG entertainment also has a new compilation/mix tape coming out called the, “The Bidding War” that has some of my latest stuff on it too. Basically we are trying to make the industry notice by staying on our grind.

Who do you want to work with in the future?
Jadakiss, Kanye West, Murphy Lee, Joe Budden, Anthony Hamilton, and Missy Elliot. Really I wanna work with anyone that wants to work with me and respects my craft.

What do you want people to think when they hear the name "Nick Fury?"
Nothing but FIRE!!! I bring it so many different ways. Ya’ll just ain’t ready.

How can Heads get up with you and cop the music?
You can go to to download a free mix tape and check on up-dates on what’s going on. My management company AMG Entertainment also has a website ( where you can get up dates on what’s popping with Nick Fury.

Shout Outs:
First I would like to shout out, My Family, The Burglars, The Heist, Austin the Arcatek, Illusive Media & Shomi (, DJ Rerok (Ok Kid Entertainment), AMG Entertainment (Hugh, Karen, Anoop & Nu), Jadalan Productions (Jared & Ron), Ntelek, Hannon, Got Beats Productions (Anoop & Nino), Vince P & Low Budget Productions, Dem Ink, Rekurd Headz Clothing (where’s my gear???) and VA!!! If I forgot anyone I’ll get you next time!

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Radio Single - "Da Burglar Hop" (2004)
EP - THe 9 EP (2003)
Mix Tapes - Pistols & Techs (2003) & The Executive Mixt Tape Vol. II : The Bidding War (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Nick Fury Biography

“My inspiration comes mainly from experiences and emotions,” explains Nick Fury. “I’m not a super thug, I’m just a regular dude, but I’ve done some grimy shit in my life.”

Nick Fury resides in Richmond, VA and has fined tuned his talent there for the last seven years. He got his first big break in 2000 when he was 17 and got chance to spit against 300 contenders in the regional Source Unsigned Hype Emcee Battle. He place second in that competition with no formal recordings under his belt.

From that experience Nick Fury took his skills to another level and started to look at being a Hip Hop artist more seriously. “I just hope to make a steady living… I just wanna make it happen and be able to support a family,” says Nick.

Since 2000 Nick Fury has recorded an overwhelming amount of material that is waiting to be heard. Right now he has a two mix tapes under his belt and a single on the streets called “Da Burglar Hop” blazing radio in VA and around the East coast, Midwest and South.

In Richmond Nick Fury has a following like no other artist. His crew, Da Burglars and a team of producers are ready to take over the industry with their vicious lyrics and slick production styles.

Nick Fury is a blessed artist that understands both the emceeing and production parts of making music. He shows intensity in his delivery and his word play is comparable to the greats. He also has knowledge of production that makes him able to craft songs with ease.

Nick Fury has lived through it all and is brutally honest in his music, but still understands that music is like a 9 to 5 job and is work. He brings that attitude with him into the studio and the stage. Nick says, “The biggest source of my inspiration and hard work comes from jealousy and pure competition...I am unbelievably jealous of Cassidy, Lloyd Banks, J Kwon, Murphy Lee & Chingy... Really any rapper in my age group that is doin’ it... Especially if I feel I'm better or on the same iggs me like nothing else... I want their spot!!!”

--Nickel-us F.—