Nick Everett

Nick Everett


Nick Everett is folk/found-sound songwriter from Halifax. Everybody is a constantly changing lineup of math-rock rhythm to Anglican choral singers. Nick Everett & Everybody treasure the power of sound and strive to share this reverence above all else.


When not traveling, Nick Everett lives in Halifax and collects shiny, noisy things off the side of the road. He is currently working on a full-length following his 2011 releases, rocky top and old adventure/love songs. Nick sings and plays the guitar alongside a loudish band.

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rocky top EP (2011)
old adventure/love songs EP (2011)

Set List

overflow - rocky top
liar - rocky top
song of make, pt. l - upcoming full length
song of make, pt. ll - upcoming full length
song of make, pt. lll - upcoming full length
hold on - upcoming full length
where are you - rocky top
sit listen - rocky top