Nick Fawcett / "The Knickels"

Nick Fawcett / "The Knickels"


Nick Fawcett has created a style with many influences. With longtime friend and lyricist, Mike Fish, the music is not only fun but tells a story. Pop music should take a listen.


Nick Fawcett hails from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Ca where he was born and raised. Musically diverse, Nick went from Jazz to Rock based on his musical influences such as The Beatles, The Knack, The Police, and Tom Petty. As a bass player, Nick had played with Authorized Personnel in the early 80’s where the band released their own 45 single titled “Stuck in the Desert”, a collector’s item for anyone who may find this rare 45.

Nick, and long time friend and drummer Andy J.G. (also from Authorized Personnel), formed The Pleasure Thieves, which released an album titled “Simple Escape” for Hollywood Records in1992.

After the dissemination of The Pleasure Thieves by 1993 Nick then turned his attention to a solo career. Along with his childhood friend and lyricist, Mike Fish, it appears they have created a sound for pop rock to take a serious listen.

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Pieces Of Blue

Written By: Nick Fawcett Lyrics-Mike Fish

Love is the fire in which we burn
A scar the price for lessons learned
I’ve seven strange angels dancing on my thumb
One for each flower I planted on the sun

I used to believe in a life after love
I’ve cried more tears than there are stars above
My dead heart needs to be born again
Needs to feel alive every now and then

These pieces of me
Become pieces of blue
These pieces of me
Were once pieces of you

I gave you all, I’ve nothing left
The devil counts my every breath
I knew you’d break me, I knew better
But I thought you’d put me back together

Those seven strange angels now dance through my head
As I write you this postcard from my empty bed
I wish I was there, you where here
So you could hear the size of my latest tear

I Didn't Dance At Your Wedding

Written By: Nick Fawcett Lyrics-Mike Fish

I wore black to your wedding
You wore a gown of white
I tried to look as cool as James Dean
When he put that ring on your finger

You were always a practical girl
You knew there would be no silk as the wife of a poet
He could buy you pearls
And all I could do was sing about them

I didn’t dance at your wedding
I just drank some beer
And wished you’d married the man that you loved
I didn’t laugh at your wedding
I just sat alone
And wished you’d married the man that you loved

You tried to look like you loved him
But you didn’t fool me or fool your eyes
Because they looked at me when he kissed you
I would have cried if I ever learned how

It’s been five years
And I hear you have a baby
And a house and a yard
All I have is a box full of songs
That may never be sung
And they are all about you

Even If It's True

Written By: Nick Fawcett

It starts when you enter the room,
My heart beats a sonic boom.
Like the tide that is pulled by the moon
Yeah it starts when you enter the room

It happens when you walk on by,
It gets me so damn high
Into my arms I picture you lie
And it happens when you walk on by

I’m not saying I want you,
Not saying I need you
Not saying I fell for you
So don’t believe that I want you
Don’t believe that I need you
Don’t believe that I fell for you
Even if it’s true

It’s there when I look at you,
My eyes have nothing left to do.
I keep thinking if you only knew,
That its there when I look at you

It’s there when you flash me a smile
Yeah it takes me out awhile
My imagination just runs so wild,
And its there when you flash me a smile

Castles Of Sand

Written By: Nick Fawcett / Mike Fish

It's so hard to look upon your vanishing face.
Hard to watch you slip away without a trace
I wipe the tears from your raven eyes
and hold you like a Mother's lullabye

Held a prisoner inside yourself
I hear you call "Jesus Help!"
Is that him you're watching from across the room?
Tell him to come back later, this is much too soon.

You try to keep together your crumbling castle of sand
I try to quiet the thunder in your trembling hand
You speak to people long gone away. Using the words you can no longer say
As you try to keep together, your crumbling castle of sand

It was death that came like a thief in the night
For once in my life, love can't make it right
I share my morning coffee with ghost name sorrow because for you there's no more tomorrow's

You had a one way ticket stamped to your soul and left in the night through the open window
You opened my deepest feelings, left them exposed
and left behind the fragrance of the Mystical Rose

You taught me how to live
and how to die
You taught me how to give
but not to cry
Fore some reason unknown
I had to learn it on my own


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