Nick Ferrio & His Feelings

Nick Ferrio & His Feelings

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

Nick Ferrio & His Feelings make country music. Not your Daddy's country music, but the stuff your Grandparents would think is cool.


Who is this kid with the big, bold, classic country sound? Where’d these great hooks and pretty steel guitar moans come from? And what’s he saying there at the end of ‘Always Searching?’ It’s a little forward for me, I must say. It’s all a bit of a mystery really. Kinda of a time and timeless all at once. I bet young kids would love this as much as retired grandparents might. Except for the end of that one song maybe. Any how, I enjoy spinning this sucker so he must be doing something right.” -Vish Khanna, CBC Music

Nick Ferrio is a country singer and songwriter from Peterborough, Ontario.

You might know Nick as the silly and fun-loving bassist in The Burning Hell. But since before Nick joined The Burning Hell six years ago, he has been quietly working away on his own songs. Now, for the first time he is branching out into a solo career.

Nick’s music is at once honest and filled with tall tales. His version of country music contains shades of some of country’s greatest storytellers, likening to Tom T Hall, Willie Nelson and George Jones.

Nick began recording his debut album in December 2011 with Ian Romano at the 2? 16 track studio he shares with his brother, Daniel Romano, in Welland, ON.

Joined by Ryan Perks on lead guitar, Emmott Clancy on drums, Liam Wilson on bass, Chris Altmann on pedal steel, Caylie Staples and Spencer Burton (of The Grey Kingdom) on harmony vocals, Nick Ferrio & His Feelings made a record of country music the way it was recorded generations ago - with ribbon mics and tape machines.

The album was mixed by Dan Weston (City and Colour, Daniel Romano) and mastered by Harris Newman of Grey Market Mastering. It was released on September 18, 2012 via Shuffling Feet Records, a record label run by Jonas Bonnetta and Sylvie Smith of Evening Hymns.

The songs on this self-titled album reflect the travels Nick has had as a musician on the road. Songs like “Night Garden,” “Popular Flower” and “Always Searching” contemplate the pining a travelling musician feels miles away from the one he loves. “Free Man, Switzerland” is a cautionary, autobiographical tale of a night he wound up in a Swiss Jail. “The Trial of Mary Harshbarger” tells the story of a woman who killed her husband on a hunting trip in Newfoundland mistaking him for a bear, a story Nick heard on the CBC while touring Newfoundland and had to turn into a song.

Nick consistently tours throughout Canada and Europe, as Nick Ferrio & His Feelings, with The Burning Hell or with Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers. Next time you see him say hello: don’t be a stranger!



Written By: Nick Ferrio

I went for a walk with my bride to be
we strolled along the banks of the Otonabee
and what should I see there, with my bride to be
a floatin' in the water of the Otonabee?

Well, out there in the water
driftin' fast and free
was the golden wedding ring
of my bride to be
a hangin' off the branch of a hollow tree
travelling down the banks of the Otonabee

To fetch the wedding ring of my bride to be
I stretched out from a rock to that old hollow tree
but to my surprise the rock was cover in algae
and I slipped into the waters of the Otonabee

I reached for the hand of my bride to be
for I feared that I may drown
in the water, you see
she uttered not a word
and pulled her hand from me
and stepped back from the banks of the Otonabee

Night Garden

Written By: Nick Ferrio

I went looking around
just to see if I had found
the path to your night garden

I looked high and I looked low
but if was dark, so I don't know
if I chose the right path
to be on

Other pastures of green
don't mean anything to me
No, I wait for your night garden
Your branches and vines
how I wish they were mine
oh to be in your garden again

But I wait and I find
that the path just winds and winds
will I ever see your garden again?

All these cities and all the towns
in the places I've found
none compare to your garden for me

Popular Flower

Written By: Nick Ferrio

You – You’re a popular flower
And you grow everyday
Did you know that you’re the state flower
Of the volunteer state: Tennessee?

But, I am no garden flower
I’m a cut when you shave
I’m the one who just barely makes it
At the last possible moment
Before it’s too late

I want to go where the Iris’s grow
From Knoxville to Memphis
I want to stay with those flowers all day
So I can stay with Iris

You – You’re the Greek word for rainbow
You’re a spectrum of light in the sky
You’re the messenger between earth and heaven
And you appear at the end of a rain cloud
To say everything’s alright

But I’m no summer rainbow
I’m the act of stealing away
I’m the one who’d follow a rainbow
To pocket the pot of gold
For another rainy day

But, I want to go where the Iris’s grow
From Knoxville to Memphis
I want to stay with those flowers all day
So I can stay with Iris

You – You’re a popular flower



Nick Ferrio & His Feelings “Introducing Nick Ferrio & His Feelings” Digital/CD/LP - Release Date: September 18, 2012. Label: Shuffling Feet Records

Streaming airplay:
"Night Garden" on Alt-Country Stream.

Set List

Story's Long, Story's Old Introduction
Always Searching
Mental Revenge
Pillar of Stone
Night Garden
Popular Flower
Half the Time
Don't Darken My Door
The Trial of Mary Harshbarger