Nick Ward

Nick Ward

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Nick Ward makes music, but his true occupation is chasing whims. From Little Rock, Arkansas, he is a hip-hop artist with the mindset of a scholar who is continuing to learn from the artistic worlds he is experiencing. This process can be heard behind the exhales and between the notes of his songs.


On November 8th, Nick released Entermission, his second full solo project. With an eclectic range of production and lyrical dexterity interwoven with quotes from bell hooks, Margaret Fuller, Muhammad Ali, Huey Newton, and Ronald Reagan, Nick thoughtfully shares wholly new perspectives through twelve tracks, featuring both local and national production. He is also co-founder of Committed to Creation, a collective of artists, musicians, writers, and designers committed to authenticity and genuine creativity in their work.

When asked about his aspirations in music, Nick responded, "Mainstream artists are cool and I’m sure that everyone is aspiring to be that next big superstar, but I would love to see more of an investment locally in communities. This can foster a much deeper sense of what hip hop is, not just a far fetched projection of it. It’s amazing to see artists from different genres come together and make projects; that for me represents the true essence of hip hop - the coming together and collectivity of human experience."

Nick is currently a student at Grinnell College, where he is studying sociology and American Studies, as well as rocking and vibing amidst the cornfields.


Entermission - 11/2012
Surface - 10/12
Fame - 8/12
The Vent Pt. I - 4/12
Whim Chasin' - 11/11