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Huntington, West Virginia, United States | SELF

Huntington, West Virginia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Nick Fry"

Love will make you do some crazy things and Huntington resident Nick Fry is sure glad that it drove him to a write a song. “I Will Love You,” a song he wrote and sang for his wife (the former Megan Eggleston) at their wedding has also been found good in some other circles. That song helped Fry be picked as one of the 10 West Virginia Regional Round finalists for the Mountain Stage NewSong Festival songwriter’s contest at the Slack Plaza Stage at FestivALL Charleston in June.

A junior at Marshall, who cut his musical teeth in the church playing guitar for his father Dennis’ Youth For Christ services, Fry counts it a huge honor to make it to the next round of the Mountain Stage songwriting contest.
“A big goal that everybody says is they want to play the Grand Ole Opry,” said Fry, who loves country-folk and contemporary Christian music. “And I do, but here in West Virginia, Mountain Stage is huge and to get to play on that someday would be incredible — to feel that validation in your home state."

A 1998 graduate of Vinson High School, Fry toured the country with Arc Ministries out of high school, then came back from Michigan and has been going to Marshall where he is studying info technology and web design.

The 26-year-old who designed his own Web site, put out a 5-song EP of original contemporary Christian songs called, “Chasing Ghosts” in the summer of 2006 that he cut at Risen Son Studios in Beckley.

Fry said he has mostly been focusing on his songwriting but would like to be playing out live some as well and hopes the NewSong exposure may get him out some more. “Where I left Huntington and came back I lost some of those connections,” Fry said. “I saw this as my way of getting noticed again. It’s real honor to have this song chosen because I wrote it for her and that means so much. It really validates everything. There’s a lot of good stuff going on. I just pray it keeps going.”

Contact: Go online at
- The Herald-Dispatch by David Lavender

"Nick Fry's CHASING GHOSTS Fraught With Hard-Won Life Lessons"

Written by Kevan Breitinger
Thursday, 03 August 2006

Chasing Ghosts (EP)
by Nick Fry

The songs on Nick Fry’s Chasing Ghosts are bathed in an interesting sense of declaration, determination, and they came the hard way: through life lessons. He is open about sharing these hard-won lessons in the songs on his debut EP, and it is a huge part of its appeal.

Fry took the long road to this project, after touring and playing for over ten years, moving from town to town before finally heading back to his hometown, marrying his high school sweetheart and settling down to lay down his first EP. He’s put together 5 original brutally honest introspective songs, and a bonus track, an acoustic version of third track “I Will Love You,” the love song written for his bride five days before their wedding. Flowing from the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, it’s a quiet ballad with a slight country feel amplified by the gentle percussive rhythms and his solid straight-forward vocals. Fry labels it the “rock version,” with the bonus track its acoustic rendition, but they’re similar enough in instrumentation and performance for me to wonder about the labels; either way, the song is engaging for its openness and Scriptural reflection.

The real rocker is “Here With You,” thick with guitars, soaring vocals and passionate commitment, a standout track. But I enjoyed the 4th track the most, the gently vulnerable “Something Beautiful” with its sparkling guitar work and brave lyrics. Fry is unafraid to reveal his tender underbelly, understanding that these qualities and experiences are common to all of us, whether we admit it or not. “Something Beautiful” is a tender plea for God’s touch to bring forth beauty out of our lives, in spite of or our insecurities. Fry sings openly of the “movies in my head,” and I admire his candor, having helplessly watched enough of my own cranial movies to relate. Some days it’s a veritable drive-in, popcorn included. But therein lies the beauty of “Chasing Ghosts.” Nick Fry’s appealing Chasing Ghosts gives us all permission to accept ourselves and trust God to make it beautiful somehow, just like his debut EP.


"Talking with Nick Fry"

Talking with Nick Fry
Jan. Interview
© Kevan Breitinger

January 20, 2007

Suite's recent chat with indie artist Nick Fry revealed a lot about the struggles of the independent life.

Suite: Nick, you had an inactive period between the time of your original creative energies and the release of your recent "Chasing Ghosts" EP. How would you best describe that season spiritually?

Nick: Wow, this could be a long answer. It was a season of depression and questioning. I didn't know if God really wanted to continue to use me or not. To add to the confusion, I had just seen my dad's ministry pulled out from under him and I became bitter for a while. I had just returned from another failed attempt to live in Nashville (two total) and moved around quite a bit until I landed in Tulsa, OK. As much as I still loved music I felt I needed a backup plan so I went to college, worked a full time job, and continued to write music. I remembered what it was like to play and I felt I had so much to say, but no place to say it. I know there are many artists reading this that have felt the same way.

After graduating, I returned to WV to be near my fiancée, now my wife. I was able to face the giants that I had been running from for so long and God started to really do a work in me. Five days before I married Megan, I wrote a song that won me a spot in the Mountain Stage New Song contest for songwriting, one of ten chosen throughout the state. I was writing better than I ever had. I met up with David Myers who offered to produce "Chasing Ghosts". He gave me the freedom to turn loose in the studio. I originally started to record a completely different EP but I changed the direction andcouldn't be happier. I released the CD on June 20, 2006 and have received great response.

There is definitely more to the story, but that's how I would describe the spiritual season I was going through. It was a time of dark depression, questioning, bitterness, highs and lows, reconciliation, seeking, and forgiveness.

Suite: What is your advice for other artists waiting on their "big break"?

Nick: Be patient and never give up. When it seems like you are hitting every wall, keep pressing forward. When people aren't responding and aren't that "sold" on your music, keep pushing through the barriers. Continue to pray that God will give you new and exciting things to write about and ways to promote what you have to offer. I constantly brainstorm on ways to promote. Plug your name as much as you can. And take a CD with you wherever you go and if you don't have a CD make one.

Suite: What are your long-term goals for your music ministry?

Nick: My goal is to be a touring artist. I also wouldn't mind writing for a living. I continue to hang on to the promises that God has given me and it will all work out in His time. I am currently in the studio with David Myers at Risen Son Studios, working on a full length project and it's sounding great! Songs have been flowing; it's amazing how free you feel when you finally know what you want. I pray that the next time we speak I'll be on the highways and byways sharing my music to everyone that will listen, with the backing of a record label of course!

For more about Nick Fry, visit his website ( Or read our Suite blog ( on his newest song, "Over and Over."

- Suite 101

"Nick Fry blog review"

January 19, 2007
Posted by Kevan Breitinger

West Virginian acoustic troubador Nick Fry is in the studio working on his first full length album, the successor to "Chasing Ghosts."

He sent a little preview to our Suite offices, a gentle acoustic rocker, laced with expressive cello, framed with his signature soft vocals. "Over and Over" is a passionate cry for rescue, complete with layered vocal tracks and even a mid-track time-change. The song reveals some steady musical development, even since "Chasing Ghosts," and it will be interesting to see what this studio album brings. Check back to Suite for the full review soon.

- Suite 101

"Nick Fry gains top honors!"

Houston, Texas
March 31, 2007

Nick Fry shared the stage with 7 of today's top independent artists and won the top spot.

He will be recording his first full-length album with 4 time Grammy Award winning producer (16 nominations) Randy Miller at Tierra Studios.

Nick is currently planning a Fall tour. - OnSeeker

"Nick Fry shares his faith and life experiences in his music!"

Nick Fry shares his faith and life experiences in his music

Dec 20, 2007
The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON, WV - Nick Fry is real - his music drawn from real experiences, his life a real mission to reach audiences looking for a deeper message.

The 27-year-old musician from Huntington also is riding a real wave of success, from his placement in the Top 10 of worldwide talent competition FameCast to his upcoming album creation and debut on a brand-new Christian record label.

"Growing up, what kid doesn't want to do music? I've always wanted to be a touring musician. I feel like, with the stuff I've been through in the past, I can make a difference in someone else's life," offered Fry, a Vinson High School graduate. "I just had to finally make the decision that this is what God wants me to do, and everything else has started falling into place."

Fry's love for music started as a teenager with a guitar. He enjoyed writing his own songs and performing his Christian rock songs for groups as his dad traveled to various churches during his youth ministry career. A series of ups and downs caused Fry to question his decision to perform.

"I had a lot of deaths around me as a kid, a lot of life changes. I went through a serious, dark depression," Fry said. "The songs that I write are not fake. They're from real experiences. Everything I've written is out of desperation or happiness and praise. I call it 'real music for a real world.'

"I've had a lot of teenagers come up to me and say these lyrics have helped them, that they appreciate knowing someone else has gone through what they've gone through, and their life has been changed."

Fry stumbled onto FameCast and decided participating would be a good shot for exposure, even if it didn't land him the $10,000 top prize. His song "Over and Over" placed in the Top 5 - the result of online fan voting - but failed to garner him the overall title of FameCast Fenom. He also gained exposure through a performance at The Unveiling Concert, a collection of six of today's top independent Christian artists, in Houston. And, as all aspiring musicians know, exposure is key.

"Because of The Unveiling, a Grammy-winning producer found me. He wanted to start a new Christian label and make me the first artist," Fry said, hinting at a large distributor coming on board as well. "My first label release will happen after the first of the year."

Currently, Fry has two CDs available - "Chasing Ghosts" and "The Rescue EP" with fan favorites such as "Over and Over," which has spawned a music video shoot, "It's All For You" and "Rescue Me."

For more information, visit - The Herald-Dispatch




Rock/Pop indie artist, Nick Fry's latest release, "The Rescue EP" follows the "Chasing Ghosts EP" and shows his progression (Both Produced by David Myers with Fry and Myers playing all instruments on the CD). Working out of Huntington, West Virginia, Fry has put together a fine collection displaying his fine songwriting skills. Fry provides the lead vocals and guitar, and with his live band, Adam Runion rips the leads, Jacob Lawrence keeps the pace on drums and Jake Gump thumpin' the bass. With a tour under way and a music video being shot, Fry is setting himself up to gain a larger following. The songwriting is smart and comes from the heart. "Over and Over" pulls us in with a declining keyboard and rhythmic vocal. This song is arranged to grow from verse to verse and finally sliding into a catchy chorus. The vocals are really delivered nicely with a melody you can sing along to. Fry's lyrics are honest and spiritual. You can feel he's speaking from his soul. The lyrics from "Into Your Arms" are a cry out to God praising Him for his support when we are least in doubt. And when the fire dies, Will you strike the match again? Consume me like a flood, To fill my heart within (lyrics Nick Fry) The dramatic arrangement is delivered effectively and with purpose.

Nick Fry is an accomplished singer and songwriter with a promising future ahead. In the song "Paint Me Away" a stronger rock than pop feel folds into another heart tugging song. The feeling in Nick's voice is proof that this music is real to him. It's part of life. He's sharing what he's been through whether it be a gleeful time or desperate. The production is top notch and is paying dividends.

Fry's release is currently been voted into the Famecast Top 10. By all means go and vote for him and I'm sure he'll soon be in the Top 5. http://www.famecast/nickfry. If you have a chance to catch Nick Fry live I would highly suggest it. As always you can check out the EPK's on sonicbids. To view Nick Fry:

-World Voice News
John Tenting - Sonicbids & World Voice News

"Featured Artist : October 23-30, 2006"

This singer/songwriter has taken his acoustic-driven pop/rock to youth group events all over the U.S. Nick was also finalist in the West Virginia Regional round of the Mountain Stage NewSong contest. Go to to check out Nick Fry's music.

- CCM Magazine /

"The October Winner is...Nick Fry!"

Congratulations to Nick Fry, winner of FameCast's October Christian competition. This West Virginia artist released his full-length debut in May and has been touring, hitting festivals such as Houston's Freedom Fest. - Famecast

"NICK FRY named the Christian/Gospel stage Famecast Fenom!"


A FameCast Top 5 finalist last season, he is now the Season 4 Christian/Gospel Fenom – congrats to NICK FRY from Huntington, WV! He also won placement in a Billboard Magazine ad (April 19th issue!) as well as national exposure and a cash prize!

A word from Nick Fry:

GREAT NEWS! I've been plugging away for votes on Famecast for the past few months and I'm sure you've been getting tired of the emails, blogs and bulletins. I'm glad you stuck with me. As of Monday night, April 7th, I am the official winner of the Christian/Gospel stage of the Famecast contest. I was up against artist internationally so it's been a great accomplishment in my books. I'm very excited to see what else God is getting ready to do. I would have let you know sooner, but I've been swamped with calls, emails, and other online messages with congratulations. You're the best!

On April 19th, because of the win myself along with other Famecast finalist will be in the new edition of Billboard Magazine. I'm also getting plenty of national exposure so hopefully this will get the music out to an even broader audience. Again, thank you for your time and effort in voting. I couldn't have won without you.

You rock! - Nick - Famecast


Paint Me Away - Nick Fry
Released: May 1, 2008

The Rescue EP - Nick Fry
Released: July 27, 2007

Chasing Ghosts (EP) - Nick Fry
Released: June 20, 2006



Nick Fry’s debut full-length release, “Paint Me Away”, is a culmination of life experiences, which reach into the heart of the listener and demand for change. With true and meaningful lyrics and a knack for writing strong melodies, this CD is sure to keep your attention. From a cry of desperation in “Over and Over” to praise and love in “Arise”, pain that’s also full of hope in “Scars” or a prayer to lose yourself and let God have His way in the title track, Nick Fry’s “Paint Me Away” is sure to touch the essence of who you are and your life experiences. His music video, “Paint Me Away”, a declaration to lose ourselves in the grand scheme of things, is in rotation on JCTV (TBN Network) and is going for adds on other music television networks.

Nick has had the ability to enjoy success as an indie artist without the support of any label. In April 2008, fans votes from around the world garnered Nick the Famecast Fenom win with “Over and Over”. He was also included in Billboard Magazine that same month. He’s also played the famous Stubb’s in Austin, TX, The Paramount in Ashland, KY and has been included in newspapers, music compliation CD’s, magazine articles, as well as press in the UK and radio play and interviews as far away as The Netherlands. Other accomplishments include wins for songwriting throughout various contests and battle of the bands, West Virginia NewSong Finalist and being nominated six times for Independent awards.

In October 2008, Nick won Famecast for a second time and played to support the troops at Houston Freedom Fest. During the Summer of 2008, Nick and his band led worship for more than 5,000 students for Fuge Camps. This also sparked the Scars Movement, a movement to reach out to teenagers and adults who deal with depression and cutting.

In January 2009, Nick Fry landed a spot in SPIN Magazine; a place most indie artist rarely find themselves, especially Christian artists and in September, he sang “Scars” live on the Daystar Television Network.

Nick has had the opportunity to open for such artist as Nevertheless, Our Heart’s Hero, Geoff Moore, John Reuben and Dove Award Winner Nate Sallie of NewSong.

Even with any so-called success, Nick Fry has remained a down to earth guy with a heart to reach others through music. Whether it’s leading worship, a full blown concert or an intimate acoustic venue or coffeehouse, God is the sole purpose and reason behind Nick Fry and his music.