Nick Fugedi
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Nick Fugedi

Northville, Michigan, United States

Northville, Michigan, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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'The Sand and the Sea' EP 2005
1)Naked and Blind
2)The Time does Fly
3)The Sand and the Sea
4)Rolling Storm
5)Crossroad of Time
6)The Only one for me-(airplay in/on, UK, Chicago,Kalamazoo,Philadelphia,and Nashville)
7)The Other Side



The auditorium was silent, a distant cough in the back of the audience echoed around the room, mom and dad were video tapping, and all eyes where on this 7 year old child holding a brass trumpet. As he lifted the horn to his lips to hit the first note, the most god aweful sound came out of the horn followed by the thunder of laughter. Suddenly everything froze and the child broke into a cold sweat. He paniced and contemplated on running off stage but something inside him burned with the desire to do it right like he had so many times before practicing it at home. So he tried again and this time to his own amazement and everyone watching, he hit the first note and played the rest of the song. After he finished, the silence was broken by thunder of applause.
That child was me back when i first became a musician. I guess that little incident sums me up as the artist that i am to this day. If i learned one thing from making my rounds in the music scene, its that you better be good at picking yourself up because your going to be doing alot of falling. But all the negative sides of the music buisness never got to me very much. I just keep writing my songs and preforming them because i have a need to. If i didnt, something inside of me would blow up or something; it sounds outrageous but its the truth!