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"CD Review: The Sand and The Sea"

"It's solid songwriting and is sublime to listen to, as a musician and vocalist. He's right on the verge of something.."

"I would venture a guess that if you're fortunate to see him perform, he works for a room full of people the same way he would perform for a room of only a few."

"I like the way his songs feel.., full of honesty and straight-forward sentiment, always speaking a truth easily recognizable by anyone who's been there."

"He's already successful at the hardest part of being a musician.., being one of substance and unique style" - Eden Dust, NYC by: Brother Douglas

"Review: the song "The Time Does Fly""

"Lovely timeless,beautiful folk song with generous-spirited heart-warming vibe..Soulful sunday morning music for a soulless world..This is really open-hearted ,like an old sea shanty sung for a long-lost love.Fabulous 'mexican' trumpet too...You'd have to have a heart of stone or something for this not to touch you at least a little..Excellent.." - Steve Ison (Birmingham, UK recording artist)


"The Sand and The Sea" 2006
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"The Only One For Me" has been played on numerous radio stations world wide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


At the young age of 21, Nick Fugedi has written and recorded over 4 albums, had one of his songs "This Old Town" used in the feature film "Kalamazoo?", has won multiple 'battle of the bands' competitions, played 200+ shows all over the midwest, has had his music played on radio stations worldwide and has been hailed as one of the next biggest sing/songwriters to come out of Michigan.

Listening to Nick Fugedi's music, it is easy to see why he has had so much success in his young career. His soothing voice and rich melodies are quick to win over any listener. Not only does he sound great on recordings but he is also an amazing performer. "Great stage presence, and the best voice iv'e heard 'round here in a long time!"-Brian Christopher of Sad Ballad.

Born in Dearborn, MI. on May 21, 1985, Nick Fugedi was brought into a world of music. With his Father being a retired singer/songwriter who performed at college parties in the 60's, Nick was introduced to a wide variety of Folk music at a very young age.
At the age of 8 he started playing the trumpet and excelled quickly. His mentor and teacher George Reinken raved about his potential of one day playing in the Detroit Symphony Orchristra. But Nick's passion did not lie with classical music. He discovered his fathers guitar and was quick to learn. At the age of 13, Nick Fugedi wrote his first song. Little did he know that that one song would be first of many to come.

In highschool he played with several different garage bands, his most notable would be The Uprising. With The Uprising he would go on to record 3 studio albums, play 100+ shows, and have a song in a feature film. In college the band went their seperate ways but Nick continued to pursue his dream in music.

The future looks bright for this young singer/songwriter as he starts his 2nd solo album this summer. He is certanly a voice to be heard, so be sure to check his music as he continues his climb to musical greatness.