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"Stonewall Society Review"

Nick Granato has a theory, which he aptly states in his liner notes, "I believe that music should not only make us smile, but should more importantly, make us think." With "Outside The Lines" Granato does both. Thirteen generous tracks of smiles and poignant thoughts make for a full experience. Whether your love of song is in the music or in the poetic strength of the lyrics, Nick Granato proves himself a champion. Vocally, Nick brings classic rock/folk singers to mind. A gritty edge to his voice adds a real person feel combined with an easy passion to his delivery. Granato would not be one to easily peg or restrict to style, although a rock/folk influence is most evident. However it is where Nick takes these influences which make all the difference.

True to his theory, Nick Granato manages to make us smile demonstrating the excellence of his mastered ability with words and music. Catchy melodies embrace while more fervent musical phrases grab and hold you. As with jazz, Nick makes the words a part of the overall music, lyrics are musical in value while possessing an affecting depth. The overall effect is an enhanced involvement with a cerebral and audio sensatory experience which leaves you keen for more. In a time of media blitz powered auto-accepted apathy, Granato is an empowered voice for individual thought and worth. Make no mistake, while "Outside The Lines" is very conducive to thought, it is foremost an entertainment high point. This is food for thought which fulfills and satisfies.

There is a lyrical connective theme to "Outside The Lines". Individuality, change, challenge, and most importantly, it seemed to me Nick was saying be involved. From the socially examining start of the CD with "In This Human Race", Granato throughout challenges apathy, conformity, and compromise. Making a strong point for inter-personal acceptance and respect. A very large portion of the Nick Granato talent in my opinion, is his ability to wrap lyrics with substance in music which is pure appreciation of the gift. Lyrical meanings are brought to value by music which first welcomes via enjoyment and interest. The depth of Nick's lyrics awaken during and after the initial listen to keep the musical fire burning within. Songs like; "Color Outside The Lines", "My Ordinary Life", and "No More Stones" all have compelling musical scores with lyrics which haunt and keep the interest focused. Closing with the internal perspective "Who I Am" Nick completes an introduction and makes a lasting musical connection with listeners.

Again it is how Nick presents these musical challenges and connections which set "Outside The Lines" in such a high enjoyment bracket. Not delivered by preach or bully-pulpit, but with masterful and thought provoking artistry which is not to be denied. Lyrics carried by music that defines and enlivens thus encouraging the listener to openly enjoy and therefore naturally react. That in itself calls for involvement. That in itself is entertainment. That is also Nick Granato's "Outside The Lines".

- Len Rogers /Stonewall Society

"SFJ EDITORS PICK - VOL#101 - March 2007 Edition"

I've been watching Nick Granato since he received the Song Folk Journal's 2005 Horizon Award by our readership. The truth is you never know what direction an artist will take. I received my copy of Nick's latest CD "Outside the Lines", I must say that I was a little taken back because it was not what I expected. Nick's previous releases have had an islandy, Florida style, Buffettesque feel. This CD was far from it. A straight forward Folk/Rock offering, Nick clearly has evolved to another level. Even Nick's vocals have changed for the better. Evolving seems to be the thread that runs through the CD. Social, cultural, personal and political change is on Nick's mind. The musicianship is outstanding, graphics are eye catching, but the songs are astounding, each one of them. I've listened with the lyrics in front of me and I was truly moved. "Outside The Lines" could very well be the catalyst that brings Nick Granato to the musical forefront. I believe this is his best work to date, and one of my favorites in my personal collection. Watch this guy!
Song Picks: In This Human Race, My Ordinary Life, No More Stones, Who I Am

- Todd Van Harmon-Editor/SongFolk Journal –


Nick Granato offers up 13 tunes on his 2007 CD, "Outside the Lines". The record opens with "In This Human Race", and Granato launches into his political and social commentary wrapped in southern-tinged rock pop music. His voice is a compelling blend with a timbre that reminds us of Bob Seger and Steve Perry. Granato has a broad vocal range, but has a rough tenor rasp that cuts through the music well. In Track 2, "Color Outside the Lines", Granato sings 'the only time they look your way is when you mess up their precious design, and no one cares until you color outside the lines'. It's an ode to individuality and the subtle killing of difference from children to adults. Track 4, "Down the Road to Compromise", gives us a bit of the Boss' signature style as Granato poignantly sings the finest tune on the record, 'just step over fallen angels who have been left out in the cold, don't be worry about the sick the oppressed, the hurt, the old, and don't be fooled by children who stare with hungry eyes, compassion's not a virtue for the wise down the road of compromise'. Towards the end of the CD we hear again of conformity battles in "Purple Conspiracy". Granato is approached by those who can't take the color purple. .and urge him to play it safe with colors like 'blue, maybe green, you gotta blend in you know what i mean, try a color that's not so bold'. The final track, "Who I Am", is one of the better tunes that hit on identity crisis and confusion we all have from time to time. The beautiful song is a compelling way to end the musical artwork Granato has here. He winds through the observations of a tortured but loving soul who refuses, albeit not without struggle, to conform. Nick sings, 'i'm not the first and i won't be the last, to make my way and not turn back, on this journey that few can understand, down this long and winding road to who i am'. Well done complete musical rock pop work that undoubtedly, and appropriately, is performed live in purple.

- earBuzz Review:


OUTSIDE THE LINES by Nick Granato is the only CD we’ve received for review here this year that blatantly challenges everyone who listens. Nick asks us to "Hear, Live, Change, Evolve". The songwriting is some of the best I’ve ever heard, the musicianship is top rate. In fact everything about this CD says this guy should be a household name. My song picks; well, all of them - but if I had to choose just one I would have to say the title cut "Color Outside The Lines" encapsulates this CD best. I encourage you to get a copy, just go to your computer and type in his name, the good news is his music is available in just about all the normal places, CDbaby itunes, napster - Or try where he has a very comprehensive website


"Richmond Events Charter NCL Dawn"

I was attending a Seminar on The Norwegian Dawn for the Richmond Events. Nick Granato was the evening entertainment in Gatsbys, a large lounge on the ship. He played all 3 nights of the event. I was impressed with Nick's professional demeanor, and blown away by his talent. Others in the Seminar had commented on how excellent he was, and how it was a shame we couldn’t spend more time listening and less time talking business. I took a card from him. I plan on bringing him in for some of my own events in NY for my firm. His music is exceptional. I have since ordered CD's from his website. - Jason McNulty JTM Investments Ltd NYC

- Jason McNulty JTM Investments Ltd NYC

"Seminole Casino Coconut Creek FL"

I had the opportunity to hear Nick Granato in concert tonight at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek Florida, we were visiting relatives here in South Florida. I didn't go to the Casino thinking about musical entertainment, I only wanted to win some money. I stepped out to the eatery to grab some coffee and Nick Granato was playing. I heard a song from his latest CD called "Color Outside The Lines" I was mesmerized. I spent the next 2 hours sitting at a table listening to this guy. I listened to him play such a variety of music that the crowd never got bored. His original music was the best though. He would stop and tell a story about the song, like the one he wrote for the waitress there who beat breast cancer called "Waiting On The Sun", so beautiful. Then someone in the audience asked him to play another original called "Who I Am". I watched people actually cry, the song was so deep and he sang it with such passion. An up-tempo song called "Human Race" though fun and up-beat still had a strong message within it. I had to buy a CD, I am so glad I did, I listened to it all the way home, it sounded just like sitting there with him, excellent. Nick was funny and yet serious at the same time, you can see he truly loves what he does and it comes directly from his heart. The audience was great, and showed their appreciation, it was a very unexpected memorable evening for me. I will go out of my way to see him live again and I will bring friends with me, you've got to share something good, what a talent! Kelly Lowell - Bridgeport CT

- Kelly Lowell-Bridgeport, CT/ Online Concert Review

"Live/Aruba Beach Café’, Lauderdale By The Sea"

Performance - Seldom do I get to the beach to enjoy my surroundings, and even less of an event do I find someone entertaining at a Beach location that’s really any good to talk about. I found just that person one Saturday afternoon. I thought it was a radio playing, it was that good. My companion and I entered the open air restaurant of Aruba Beach Cafe to have a margarita and relax some, that’s when I enjoyed the music of Nick Granato. What a great voice singing some of Jimmy Buffets songs (dare I say?) better than him. I wasn’t planning to be there more than 20 minutes or so, I ended up spending 2 hours listening to this guy. Nick Granato has a very likable style, not rock, not country, just his own thing. A little bit of Buffett, some Eagles, James Taylor, Springsteen and even John Denver - as well as his originals. I wish he’s had done more of them. Nick is a well recorded songwriter, having had many songs recorded. I purchased a copy of his CD “Sun Dance” and all I can say is it’s quite magical, it dares to be different. In my opinion Nick Granato is in the elite of our local music scene, and I don’t doubt in time that he will be snatched from our coast for bigger and better things. Until then go and enjoy the music and the philosophy that is Nick Granato. visit Nick at

- The New Times/Ft Lauderdale Florida

"INTENSLY FUN – The Village Voice"

Was in South Florida and attended a private gathering friends had to celebrate an anniversary. I wasn’t told there would be someone entertaining during dinner. Normally I can’t stand to hear someone singing while I’m eating, but this guy was the exception. Nick Granato was literally atmosphere until dinner was over. He played some James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot classics, as the dinner moved into dessert his music went from serious to fun! By the time dessert was over we were in party mode. I was astounded at the versatility of this guy, everything from Billy Joel to Garth Brooks. The best though was his original material, what a songwriter! Nick’s original music was so well done, I was so impressed. I’ve been watching him closely since, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the future.

- Marion Summers – The Village Voice

"Joy & Regis Philbin - Personal Review"

We’ve been following Nick Granato for a long time, and have loved his music. Outside The Lines is by far his best work to date. The songwriting is exceptional and the music is outstanding. Nick has stepped up to the plate, and in our opinion he hit one over the fence. His moment is way over due.
- Joy & Regis Philbin - Personal Review

" Kristin Theckston"

- Ah sunny Ft. Lauderdale Florida- home of those beautiful beaches, spring breakers, and Nick Granato. This award winning singer/songwriter has had over 250+ of his songs recorded and 38 charted singles by some of music’s top names. "Outside the Lines" shows you what a well established songwriter he is along with the fact that he sings too. Nick hopes he can promote positive change with his lyrically effective song skills. This cd sums up our cultures many arrogant agendas. Listening to the words that are on here is a must, you don't want to miss out on Granato's informative messages. His voice reminded me of Kenny Rogers a little so it kind of had a familiar feel.
This independent artist sticks mainly to the roots of Acoustic/Folk /Rock with his many wondrous worlds of strict beliefs and vocally rich storytelling. The songs stick in your head all day after listening to them speak with such a strong zest for life, love, and music. Nick sings with such a passion for all of the subjects that he chooses to sing about. I can say that "Outside the Lines" will be one smooth ride that takes you thru the countryside and on the way to knowledge. Never give up your beliefs or your dreams you need to follow your heart and speak up about things that matter.
- Kristin Theckston


11/2009 - "In Real Life"
2007 - "Outside The Lines"
2005 - "Plastic Pink Flamingos"
2003 - "Sun Dance"



Pride In The Arts Award

2007 "CD/ALBUM OF THE YEAR" "Outside the Lines"
Pride In The Arts Award

Passion. The word is used again and again when describing Nick Granato, his music, his performances, and even his life. Nicks music carries an uncompromising attitude; award winning Singer/Songwriter Nick Granato delivers them with a passion and authority that can only be accomplished with a life of experience.

Nick always knew that music would be his lifes passion. At the age of 7, he started writing songs and playing the guitar. Over the years he has had over 250+ songs recorded, and some 48+ charting singles, producing numerous awards, honors and nominations. His songs have been covered by some highly notable names in various music genres like Randy Travis, Pamala Stanley, Bette Midler, Stella Parton, Heirline, Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbitt & Juice Newton, to name a few. His music has also been utilized by organizations like; the U.S. Olympic Committee, United Way, Ocean's First, The Audubon Society, the Florida Department Of Tourism, Children's Outreach International, The Sea Watch Foundation, Hospice International, Coastal Earth and most recently the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

As an entertainer, Nick has performed in many noted (and not so noted) venues; The Grand Ole Opry (Nashville TN), Bottomline (NY NY), Playboy Club/Americana (Great Gorge NJ), Blue Bird Café (Nashville TN), Ryman Auditorium (Nashville TN), Walt Disney World (Orlando FL), Margaritaville (Key West, FL), Summer House (Ft Walton Beach FL), Hogsbreath (Key West & Emerald Coast FL), BayWinds Club (Nassau Bahamas), ElboRoom (Ft Lauderdale FL) Atlantis Resort(Paradise Island, Bahamas), Dollywood (Pigeon Forge TN), the Norwegian Cruise Lines (the Dawn, the Sun & The Pride Of America), Seminole Casino (Coconut Creek, FL), Seminole Hard Rock Casino (Hollywood, FL), and many others. Nick has also shared the stage with many major artists including Melissa Etheridge, Mary Chapin-Carpenter & Pamala Stanley. You can find his talents as a professional background vocalist on many projects between 1982 and 1988. In 1989 Nick recorded and released an Inspirational CD on the Spiritwind Label; the CD produced 2 top 10 charting singles and several award nominations.

As a music business professional, Nick Granato sat as Director of Publishing for the Chestnut Mound Music Group, one of the worlds largest and prolific Christian music catalogs. Nick also served as VP/Senior A&R Director of Gateway Entertainment, as well as Director of Publishing at CAL IV Christian. After his departure from CAL IV Christian in 2000, Nick focused on his songwriting until 2002 when he decided to pursue the performing side of his artistry, hit the road, and expanded his own music publishing company, Song Harbor Music/BMI, into a full independent music publishing and record label, Song Harbor Inc. The first CD release in 2003 Sun Dance on the Song Harbor label was a commercial and critical success, garnering Nick a command performance for then Governor & Mrs. Jeb Bush of Florida. Nicks Florida Style music caused his touring schedule to triple and subsequently was voted one of South Florida's top entertainers. In 2005, Nick was also honored with the Horizon Award by the readership of The SongFolk Journal and his song Florida's Son was nominated for Song of the Year. The planned Fall 2005 release of his sophomore CD Plastic Pink Flamingos was delayed because of the violent 2005 Hurricane season, and was eventually released in early January 2006. Nicks fan-base embraced the CD, sales snowballed, and the grass-root efforts continued to broaden his popularity. The title song from the CD Plastic Pink Flamingos, was used by the State Of Florida Dept Of Tourism as a theme song for their 2006-2007 season advertising and subsequently was considered as the new Florida State song.

In mid 2006, work began on a new CD project. Seeing the injustices and the need for social change in our culture, Nick decided to redefine his music and message. Complete with a new sound, and a new attitude, the new Nick Granato CD 'Outside the Lines' was quietly released in March 2007 and immediately began to receive rave reviews. In April 2007 in a joint effort with NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) Nick ventured out on a 3 month international promotional tour that took him from NYC to Hawaii, Mexico & Canada, completing that leg of the tour in Key West Florida with the R-Family Cruises. Home for only 3 weeks, Nick picked up the remainder of the tour on land which took him to the Gulf Coast and the New England States. Nicks CD 'Outside The Lines' went on to firmly hold an astounding 4 months at the #1 position in the prestigious Outvoice Top 40 Charts in 2007. In May of 2008 The CD resurged to take the #1 position for the 5th time. To date the CD has produced an astounding eight #1 songs, including his song My Ordin