Nick Harrison

Nick Harrison

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Nick is an up & coming Hip Hop artist w/ the talent and ambition to take the industry by storm. His refreshing 90's sound & god given lyrical talent puts him at the top of the new wave of Hip Hop artists. He is worth the listen and is only "an opportunity" away from introducing himself to the masses


Nick Harrison was born and raised in Chesapeake Beach, MD. He created an online movement calle "Verse of the Week," which can be viewed on Youtube. Last year he shared the stage with acts such as Slaughterhouse, Mike Stud, Chris Webby, X-Factor finalist David Correy and label mate Ace Primo. He is working on a project "Legend of the Moochers" that is set to drop Winter 2013.His latest mixtape"33000ft" is now available at


The Resume - released 2010

Rose, Heartbreaks & Apologies - released 2011

#33,000ft - released 2013

Set List

7-10 Minute Set
3 Songs

15-22 Minute Set
3 Songs
Impromptu Addition
2 Songs