Nick Hirsch

Nick Hirsch


Nick Hirsch brings a positively unique, upbeat set of originals. His music delivers a high-octane joyride that reflects his intelligent and playful exploration of World Beat and Americana sounds.


From Afro-pop, to Samba, to Roots-Rock, Nick Hirsch blends a large palette of influences into his genre hopping grab bag of styles. Inside of these festive rhythms, the focus of his lyrics is usually about finding spiritual fulfillment and partying. A passionate traveler and supporter of world music, he aspires to follow the musical pathway forged by artists like Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, and more recently, Vampire Weekend. Always centering his inspiration on positive moods, a Nick Hirsch show is best described with one word, happy.


Debut Full Length Release-
June 2010

Set List

Lil' Taste of Paradise
All Kinds of Yesses
Anytime is a Good Time
High On Friday
Tickling My Heart
First Light of The Morning
All Just Wanna be Loved
Floatin' On A River
My Roaring 20's

I typically perform 60-90 minute sets of my original material.
I can comfortably play a 2-3 hr. set as well, mixing in covers by artists like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Vampire Weekend, Paul Simon, and Bob Marley