Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

A melody that rides across a stripped down driving beat with evocative unexpected words telling stories


Hi, I've been writing and performing since 2009. It's been alot of fun. I love Chris Whitely for his emotional landscape, Television for Marquee Moon (from the post punk new york 70's ), and Lata Mengashkar for amazing melodies.. And Illyraja the unsung hero of southern indian compostion. And the Beatles and the Clash and yeah,... miles davis .. he is the man! and bowie's The Man Who Sold World Album...


Sydney Please

Written By: Nick Johnson

She came from a land far away
She made in a month what I make in a day
She tried to make it there but the sky was always grey
A little fish in a big sea

And everynight she would talk to her dreams
A midnight conversation under the sheets
She whispered gently as they danced across her heart,
How she'd bought a ticket for a new start. ..

She said Sydney Please Sydney Please
Take me in your arms,
Tell me it's gonna be alright
Cos I wanna dance under your lights,
She said Sydney Please look out for me
When I first arrive,
Show me that you're on my side
Cos I want to live under your skies.....

It was hard for her when she first arrived,
She wanted to go back home every minute of the night,
She said "How could I have made such a stupid mistake?"
I don't like my dream now that I'm awake...

She said Sydney Please Sydney Please
Put me on the next flight out,
Cos I don't think I can make it here,
My heart is pumping doubt,
She said Sydney Please why don't you hear?
Do you want me to scream and shout?
You tricked me into coming here
With your pretty opera house....

All I wanna do... Is do what I want,
To be free..... to live on..
To find a way that is my own,
To build a home with someone I love,
That I stumble upon..
someone I love....

She said Hey Sydney listen to me,
You'll have to make room for me,
Cos I'm not goin anywhere,
I want to be part of this,
She said Hey Sydney its too late now, I'm in your family,
I promise I'll look after you if you look after me..

How I Miss You

Written By: Nick Johnson

Oh Darling how i miss you oh darling,
Oh darling how i miss you ... how i miss you ...

I'm not upset with you for going away from me
I'm glad you heard opportunity knocking
So soflty ..
It's just now that you're not here..

Oh darling how I miss you oh darling
Oh darling how i miss you , how I miss you,

Oh Darling how I miss you oh darling
Oh darling I just want to kiss you, how I miss you...

The long forgotten stories that I'd never heard,
Floated out of your heart, word by word,
Won't you tell me, one more story?

Oh darling how I miss you oh darling,
Oh darling I just want to kiss you, how i miss you..
Oh darling how I miss you oh darling
Oh darling i just want to kiss you, how i miss you ...

I'm gonna find you ,
I'm gonna find you... find you

Because I love you ..
You know it's true,
You know it's true
You know it's true

Ordinary Fly

Written By: Nick Johnson

I'm just an Ordinary fly on your wall
With my thousand eyes you know I've seen it all,
Why don't you shake off, why don't you break off?
All those pretty lies that you've been sold...
you got a good deal but you know..
You'll never pay them off

All the water has dried out in your wishing well
You kiss your last coin like a lover hoping it will tell
You.. how to take back, how to bring back...
All that precious time that got away..
while you chased a cardboard cut out life
from a tv dream..

but then you remember that the roses,
are just outside your door,
and it doesn't cost anything
to take a walk between them..

and the path you've walked on, for eons,
isn't yours at all
it's just a flickering mirage
in a deserted shopping mall

so don't tie your laces so tight
and don't forget to steal a kiss from the moonlight
cos afterall

only now.

there's only you
not the things you were taught to need

so somehow ...
let go
of some of that
manufactured greed.....


Had some brief airplay on a Cornwall Radio station in the Uk. Jacob and the Big Music played the songs from my old band - Fishing Backwards- now disbanded.