Nick Joseph and Jake Harper

Nick Joseph and Jake Harper


Nick Joseph and Jake Harper are a fresh blend of Pop/Rock and Soul music. Their wide-ranging music can provide deep, sweet, melodious slow songs or up-tempo grooving dance tracks.


Nick Joseph and Jake Harper are a pop/rock/soul duo on the rise.

The band met as part of the Good Day Good Night hip-hop orchestra, forming an immediate vibe while running between shows as the backing band for many of Brooklyn's underground rappers and performing artists.

After coming together under Nick Joseph and Jake Harper, the result was a fusion of styles reflective of their different backgrounds with a common focus—the creation of fresh, genre-blending music. Jake, from the south, is a jazz-trained pianist with a propensity for hip-hop and soul, while Dan, from the east coast, is musically inclined toward super-pop, funk and techno. Alex, a native of Hong Kong, has mastered an understanding of every instrument and brings an Indie-rock flair, while Nick, born and raised in the Midwest, is a classically trained musician who gets down with mainstream pop and R&B.

In 2008, Nick Joseph released a four-song EP entitled New Shades of Blue. Compelled by their growing popularity on college radio stations, internet radio, by the outstanding attendance at their New York City shows, and selection as one of the three finalists of Campus MusicFest, an event sponsored by MTV-U, Apple, Gibson, Nick Joseph and Jake Harper decided to complete a national tour this summer.

This unique blend of musical training, styles and interests explains the wide range of songs the band writes and performs: from slow, deep, melodious tunes to up-tempo R &B influenced beats to catchy, rock music.


New Shades of Blue is a 4 track EP recorded at the Clive Davis Studios in New York City. Nick Joseph has also been played on numerous college radio shows as well as internet radio.

Set List

A typical set is one hour but can be any range from 30 minutes to over 2 hours. In general, there are not covers but can do them upon request and have been occasionally known to bust out a cover for a crowd-favorite.