Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective

Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective

 New York City, New York, USA

Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective is energetic & ingenuitive. An amalgamation of five voices each having their say and driving eachother to new places. The group is reminiscent of Miles Davis's 65 - 68 quintet but with a distinctively modern sound coming from rock and electronic music.


Nick Kadajski currently leads and writes the music for the group 5 Point Perspective. Kadajski's music is imbued with the colors of many other genres of music. This comes from the multitude of groups that he has been in as a sideman. Improvisation is a focal point of the music that the group creates.

Nick's first musical experience after moving to New York was playing with the afrobeat group The Budos. This large ensemble mixed African rhythms with interesting forms to produce an energetic sound. Many of the rhythmic ideas that appear in Kadajski's music come from his time with this group.

During this same period he began studying composition and improvisation with Ralph Alessi, whom Nick met while he was a student at the Eastman School of Music. This relationship culminated a year and a half later at Alessi's School for Improvised Music. While he was at SIM Kadajski studied privately with Tim Berne and Matana Roberts.

Shortly thereafter he was asked to play with the funk/jazz group the Unskilled Labor Funk Ensemble, which had a two month residency at the club Niagara in NYC, and shows at Detour. Nick began forming the basis for 5 Point from these sessions.

Nick is also a member of The Alper Yilmaz Project. Alper is a bass player whose music is infused with Turkish rhythms and harmonies. The time spent with this band has had a major impact on the way Kadajski approaches his compositions harmonically and rhythmically. The band toured Turkey in February 2008 to promote the album "Clashes", which has won praise from several jazz publications including "All About Jazz" and from writer Bill Milkowski in "Jazz Times".

Nick Kadajski's current album with 5 Point Perspective is entitled Remembering Things to Come. Bobby Vega in “Jazz Times” has said, “Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective and their new recording Remembering Things to Come is just another indication of the healthy state of jazz music. Fantastic compositions, remarkable arrangements and incredible musicianship. Take a moment and go check out some Nick Kadajski! One word – WOW!”


Remembering Things to Come

Set List

Phantom Energy
Musings on Beethoven
2 is 1
Lessons Learned
On the Corner
Number 3
The Ness of Kate
For Steph