Nick Lapointe

Nick Lapointe


Nick Lapointe writes and performs gutsy, rootsy, inspired acoustic rock.


Nick Lapointe performs, gutsy, rootsy, inspired acoutic rock.


Your Hero

Written By: Nick Lapointe

Oh, did my Hero arrive to late
Is that what you was thinking
When it looks like your ship’s a sinking
And it feels like your whole live's in disarray

Is there no one on my side
Is that what you’d be believing
Even if there’s not a reason
Ain't it true that you is never satisfied

Can’t you see the brighter side of life
You’re always walkin round like you is blind
Oh don’t you see he ain't that hard to find
Your hero he is still alive
He’s just waiting to come on inside

Oh, are you looking for something true
You keep telling yourself that
This ain't where it’s at
That tomorrow’s gonna bring you something new

Oh what if this is as good as it gets
Are you gonna lift your hand in praise
Or clench your fists in rage
Will you give in or give up a great big fit


"Gardens in the Fall", 2008

Set List

Set List --

~100 min of original material