Nick Leyva

Nick Leyva


Nick Leyva is music for progressive people who like to dance. Electro/pop/rap, with a taste for the avant garde. Some people say Nick Leyva is a 'comedy' act, but they probably don't understand it all the way.


Nick Leyva; the comedic, critically acclaimed musician currently makes his home in scenic Portland, Oregon. Deftly mixing hard edged synths with gay power anthems, he writes what he knows. He debut album, a double EP entitled "SEX/Leyvaland," was recently released to people getting angry and walking away. Here are some words people have used to describe Nick:


In addition, he was worked numerous times over the years with Boston's indie synthpop group Freezepop. Kasson Crooker, lead songwriter for Freezepop, had this to say about Nick:


His stage show is reminiscent of vaudeville mixed with that one musical you always hated- with plenty of theatrics, special effects, and chemistry.



Set List

A barrage of songs, originals and covers, usually between 15-25, cut up and performed in a 30-45 minute set.

Including These Hits, and More:

I am Nick Leyva

Cory Timmons

Theme From Manchurian Handidate

Lightning Strikes

How Do You Sleep?

If You Were Really My Boyfriend You Would Have Stopped That Unicorn From Goring Me (For My Love)

i thought i told you (frontload (futurefuturefutureleyva mix))


And covers of current pop songs and old rock standards.