Nick Lucas

Nick Lucas

BandHip HopFunk

Passionate, versatile Soul and funk inspired Rap. Can be marketed to the underground heads as well as the mainstream audience.


A very reserved shy kid who fell in love with Hip Hop and changed his whole demeanour. People that knew Nick before he became a rapper would be shocked to see him on a stage now. Deep down a true MC influenced by the many great lyricists that have blessed the Hip Hop culture but the other side of Nick Lucas is a fun and entertaining songwriter who loves to bring the party to a room. Pure passion, energy and excitement are a few words that describe Nick's music and persona.

In 2007 his band won the Canadian Finals of the Global Battle Of The Bands competition. The raw emotion and originality of their live performance seduced the judges. Nick Lucas rocking the mic is sure to set any place on fire!


Sin City (Ft. David Taylor)

Written By: Nicholas Legault, David Taylor & Carlo Ferrante

when the sun goes down it's total darkness
when the sun comes Its still darkness
in the streets of
in the streets of...

you'll find greed and lust (in Sin City)
so many schemes no trust (it ain't pretty)
madd fiends and thugs (so gritty)
where the g's are tough (with no pity)
the streets will eat up (it seems shitty)
If you don't lead the rush
somebody might just creep and bust
and leak your blood
leave you at the scene and run (in Sin City)

just a silhouette under street lights reflected on the brick wall
pacing up the block in trench coat drenched soaked moving through the thick fog
entering a building with the windows boarded up makes his way up the stairs
briefcase in his left, cross on his chest with his mouth saying prayers
he reached the top floor not single a glare of light knocked on the door
felt he opened up his coffin cigar smoke flowed in a dimly lit office
approached, lay the case on the desk, then he croaked with a case in his chest
as he lay there dying on the hardwood, wondering for seconds about how would the stars look
a small crook offed in the night with no pity,
a crime boss lost in his cash with his grin silly, money talks loud on the streets of Sin City

(David Taylor)
This simple place has got me thinking
Contemplating as I'm drinking
I've been up and I've been down
Get so caught up in this town
There's a time and there's place
When we all need the lord's grace
I've sinned one too many times
lord forgive me for my crimes

she left the sleazy motel scene, to the cops she's just a ho ass fiend
back to the corner where she goes acting, like she a confident grown stacked queen
through the night never seen laughin, matter fact lil Sally from the valley
would go gladly back to Cali in the alley now she's been grasping
that one day could leave that scene, but it'll all dream for now
the stars weren't even out, she now proceed out
new car received her mouth, gave it all for so little every night
what they saw was a broad with a petty little life
so one night got involved with a heavy metal knife
got a job found a wealthy man in sight
that she robbed for his wallet and his life
even though her skin pretty
things got ugly in the streets of Sin City

(David Taylor)
Looking in the distance, trying to find my way
I feel so daam blind, When I walk in through this staircase
Evil surrounds my being, it's trying to corner me
only a deal with the Devil, to set me free
in Sin City


Written By: Nicholas Legault

He can't seem to get it right
everything he does is always in the gutter
maybe not this time waiting for another, chance
he was so close, never won the big one
keep the hope yo, shed another tear son
cause they been falling, every month is autumn
keep starting over, moving from the bottom ugh
he's been conscious of, how dishonour comes
every time his wallet slumps
he polished his plan now ready for take off
really felt it this time bet he would stay boss
pay off his debts, erase all regrets
be the man now dog, spring off his chest
all proud like yeah man this shit finally happened
stood in front the crowd with all of them clapping
but then he saw it, they never doubted
it was all in his mind, his vision was clouded

cause it don't happen overnight
wake up in the dark meeting not a single glimpse of light
and on the road you seem to fight with all your might
sacrificing is the mode so in the end you'll see the light

the light is the reward at the end of the tunnel
the gift, the life, the reason to put up with the struggle
to kiss the sky, the bleeding til' you cover the cut yo
that inch you die for after leaving the huddle
the dark is blind love, the spark from the match
that blew out several times before the right one
the dark is the reason, the dark'll push you
so you need to see the sun and fresh air to breath in
the dark is thick and heavy and far from secondary
involved in the journey with dirt and thoughts to bury
thoughts of constant failure, thoughts about the kill ya
the dark'll make you crawl from that hole and thoughts that jail ya
get free so in the end you'll see the light
and the dark is there to help you realize the key of life
that there's a balance and there lies the trick
see the light and appreciate the struggle as a gift

One Life

Written By: Nicholas Legault

(verse 1)
So come down roll with me in the city where we breathe
nothing but that good life let me lead you down the street
we could stroll while we toast nose pointed to the sky
like naw son we fly I ain't smoke but yeah I'm high
can't, hold me back love, yo these cats bug
but I ain't looking for no tussle, I ain't that thug
so we walk in late with the fashion sense
like to the bar straight let's get blasted yes
I got this one shots all around
ain't talking bout slugs with the cops all around
yeah you looking at her like she the target now
we just have one life let's all get down

so just jam and get down tonight
babe I know you can't stand to sit down tonight
so just dance to til the morning light
girl I'm diggin how you move when I control the mic

now all my ladies in the house get down
and all my fellas in the house get wild

(verse 2)
We just get down for the night and ain't it down stop,
come y'all everybody jump on it!
you dressed up for the night, if you got it
come on now, baby girl just flaunt it
it's like half past 2 now my vision came blurry
not religious thanking God that my waking ain't early
let's forget about tomorrow craving burgers that's furry
trippin balls NPH style yeah y'all heard me

Get It Right

Written By: Nicholas Legault

you know I gotta keep it raw right
shit you be blasting on your car ride
90's East Cost leaving still we gon be all right
Rap ain't left,yo you can peep me out the far right
get your shit swollen like the member of the Pharcyde
brown paper baggin 40 onces as a content
pounds after rappin oh he really fucking stomped em
so cold with it, I ain't sold dope with it
Godfather with the flow, I am soul dope with it
I kidding no more this is grown folk bidness
Got the fitted, polo I can show I did it
on my, own roll, I got the Stone Cold Finish
like some home grown, I got that stone cold sptting
motherfuck that, who really thought I wan` gon bust back
stop riding dick son, go get a freaking bus pass
I don't even bust raps, my poems are biblical
on some run the test of times from your phones to stereo

Now we get it right
Peeps just get em high
No more getting by
Time to kill it right
feelin fine
peeps just get em high
getting it right
on the line
time to get on the grind

Tearing up the ceiling
Yes I get em, when I kill it
I consider I'ma villain
cause I fill em with the sining
I'll be chillin at Mckibbings
drinking Guinness
til I finish
kicking business
I'm just kidding, I'll be entertaining friendships
Slang shit live,
I'm banking on crowds
I ain't thanking God
I'm taking my props
this bangin hard
like J Dilla drums
feel the funk
plastic cups get a buzz gotta fill em up
Hold tight
while I scope what is it your trunk
you don't write
ala Ghost I don't give a fuck
my style is synonymous
with nothing just like it
I'm the sly kid you gotta bitch I'm slanging that fire shit

Feeling Good

Written By: Nicholas Legault

Bling chain on my neck, I'm fresh
I'm bout to step out what the heck
I'm gonna go to the store grab a 4-0
Windows low on the road and I'm so cold
cause I ain't working this week
so catch me disturbing the peace
I ain't concerned just tipsy
I'm straight gon' murder this beat
That's just a regular Friday night
How I can get mighty high
with flows and just writing rhymes
I'm feelin it man
and it's all good, got me feeling like a kid again
Reminiscing on that feeling wanna say it again
I was singing bout sining when the day began
So I'm gon' keep it moving
oh like that jyeah it's so soothing
smooth, in the room cool
lost in my groove and I ain't going back soon

You can light up relax
in light of the fact
ain't no minding the bad at all
and we can all just
recline and sit back
when your mind is intact
there's no sign of a cloud at all
we can find a way, to take your mind away
for a second
and make it all feel good for the day

no more will I
choke hold my soul and blow it now
just go with the flow til I go til' it's over now
been more hardcore I ain't sober now
this going out to my people that don't need a cathedral
cause whether it's God or not all you need is to feel you
ya dig, it's inside recognize the real
the second you doubt is recking all instills
to kill the spirit
but fuck it, bump the anthem we killing this gloom mood
we feeling good now....and the feeling is true.


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Get It Right (Raw Banger)
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