Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy


From the first single "Urban Boredom Song" with its psychedelic- country bent, to the folky delight of "The Cake Song", and to the softer sounds of "Cherished Wonder", there's enough gems on this record to make you fall in love with it from start to finish.


Nick Murphy has been performing and co-song writing with highly acclaimed and popular Melbourne act, The Anyones (known as "The Everyones" in the US), since co-forming the band in 1997.

Nick has just recorded and released his debut solo effort, "Breaking The Light", out through Cavelier & Shock. As well as receiving critical acclaim and high rotation for their 2 full length albums (the 2nd album released in the US on Tee Pee Records, NYC, of Brian Jonestown Massacre fame), The Anyones toured extensively throughout Australia and the US with international and Australian acts including The Music, Morissey, Sloan, Jet, The Killers, Presidents of the United States, Brad, Dallas Crane, Rocket Science, The Vines, Magic Dirt, Youth Group, Motor Ace & 78 Saab.

"Breaking The Light" features some of Melbourne's finest musicians including Ross McLennan (Snout), Dave Ong (Jonie Lightning), Steve Pinkerton (The Anyones), Ben Mason (The Smallgoods), Phillipa Nihill (Underground Lovers), Chris Brodie (Broken Arrows), Jeff Samin (Musket) and explores Nick's psychadelic country lover affair with a telecaster, delay pedal and tremelo box.


Single: "Urban Boredom Song" 2006
Album: "Breaking the Light" 2006

Set List

Tracklisting: "Breaking the Light"
01. Elated
02. Urban Boredom Song
03. Arrival
04. Second Son
05. Windows and Doors
06. Days In The World
07. The Liar
08. Carry Your Cloud
09. Lovers Death Song
10. Can't Hear Your Whistleblow
11. Into The Stream
12. The Cake Song
13. Cherished Wonder