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Twin Falls, Idaho, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Twin Falls, Idaho, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Folk Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NickNervous Comes Up Big In International Songwriting Competition"

TWIN FALLS • “A Ghost” has brought a big reward to Caiti and Kelsi Fadness of the sister duo NickNervous, of Twin Falls. Kelsi’s song, “A Ghost,” won first place in the UnsignedOnly international songwriting competition.

NickNervous will be one of the headlining acts at the Thousand Springs Festival of the Arts, performing Saturday from 2:45-4 p.m.

For their efforts, the group won $1,000 cash and another $2,000 in prizes. Also valuable is the exposure the win, in the folk/singer-songwriter category brings. The Fadnesses were told that the category is one of the most competitive. They were just one of six winners from the United States.

A panel of celebrities judged the songs. There was also online voting, and “A Ghost” was a Top 20 finisher in that as well. The UnsignedOnly contest was for musicians who haven’t signed with a major recording label.

“A Ghost” is about the haunting feeling people sometimes get after they experience heartbreak. -


I think it’s pretty much impossible to nail a combination as perfect as the human voice and an acoustic guitar. The instrument might be just a piece of wood, a few metallic parts and some strings, but combined with the drive and emotional response of a performer with something to say, it becomes a vehicle for stories, feelings, moods and even entire lives.

NickNervous is a band that personifies this combination. Consisting of Idaho-based sisters Caiti & Kelsi Fadness, NickNervous set out to embody the spirit of folk song-writers and expand that particular footprint with broader sonic landscapes. Their Americana influences and relatable indie-pop melodies echo artists the likes of First Aid Kit, Idiot Wind and Of Monsters and Men, just to name a few.

The duo’s sound owes a lot to the tantalising contrast of old and new, as timeless folk / country tradition blends in with modern s¬ensibilities in a seamless and effortless way. These girls sing from their heart, and the haunting landscapes of their songs resonate as deep as the scopes of their introspective lyrics.

On new EP The Art of Breaking Down the uplifting, yet intimate vibe of “Human” makes for a truly bittersweet song, while the decadent melancholia of “A Ghost” reminds me of artists such as Devics.

If those songs felt like twilight, “Hiding” is like the sunshine in the morning waking you up with its sheer brightness coming through your shutters, opening the doors to a brighter and dreamier side of the EP that reaches its apex with the original blend of folk and 80s aesthetics on the title track.

The Final track, Wanderlust, blends in the sisters’ folk harmonies and rhythm guitars with some truly grandiose stadium-size percussions and lush reverb tones for a truly epic closing number.

One of the most interesting things of the entire EP is how NickNervous are able to exploit their diverse dynamic range, going from really quiet and personal moments to uplifting crowd-engaging experiences that transcend genre definitions to reach out for something higher.

If you haven’t checked out this duo yet then you’re missing out. Their EP is below for your listening pleasure, what are you waiting for? If you like it, don’t forget to buy it from iTunes here (link opens in new window). - Ben Corke

"NickNervous "The Art of Breaking Down" April 8,2015"

These girls have got it. NickNervous is the next big thing, and here's why.

The sister duo (Caiti & Kelsi Fadness) not only have a really cool last name, but their music is undeniably great. Yes, it's got the indie-mellow groove vibe of acts like Lorde and the folk vibe of The Lumineers, but it's also got something else - musicians who sound like they actually understand their instruments. NickNervous has got the maturity of seasoned musicians and the young vibrance of a garage band at the same time.

The track "A Ghost" showcases the playful nature of the duet, with fun yet haunting lyrics ('There's a ghost in my bed'). It also features a banjo and electronic drums, which creates an equally eerie yet fun atmosphere.

My personal favorite is "Wanderlust," an indie anthem reminiscent of The Temper Trap. It's got a real feel-good vibe that sounds like it would be placed in an "epic" trailer for the next big AAA-Hollywood feature film.

This is a group you MUST check out. MUST. If I were to give out number ratings, I would give NickNervous a 9.9 out of 10.

Check out NickNervous below! - TheMusicFarmer


Still working on that hot first release.



NickNervous is made up of Caiti & Kelsi Fadness, two sisters who grew up with deep musical roots and have always had a strong singing and writing talent. After years of traveling on their own musical paths, the duo finally collaborated, and found that their silky harmonization, was just meant to be together.  

In December of 2014, the duo, who took their name from their dad's 80's band, released their debut EP, "The Art of Breaking Down". The EP has been widely acclaimed for it's genre bending sound, that meshes home-town folk with beautifully composed indie-pop.

The track A Ghost, turned out to be a particularly impressive track, capturing the attention of music producer and film director Chino Maurice who offered the siblings the opportunity to collaborate on some of the music for the soundtrack of the upcoming feature documentary film, titled "Save Me", which is scheduled for release in 2016. 

On September 10th of this year the song "A Ghost" was selected by a panel of celebrity judges in the 2015 UnsignedOnly International Songwriting Competition and awarded 1st. Place in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category, as well as voted as a top 20 FANdemonium artist out of all genres combined with over 7000 International submissions. 

You can see a live acoustic version of "A Ghost" here at

The girls are currently working in the studio on their first full length debut album. This project will surely be an even greater extension of the immense creativity coming from this small town and incredibly talented vocal team.

You can check out more NickNervousness at

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