Nick Pagliari

Nick Pagliari


Singer/songwriter Americana music with folk/pop/Memphis soul influence



Nick Pagliari’s got the twang of Nashville in his voice and the spirit of Memphis in his soul. It’s a combination that makes his songs indelible snapshots of life — ringing portraits of love, ambition, dreams, connections, and the rest of what matters.

On his second full-length album, Please and Thank You, Pagliari broadens his musical reach while displaying the storytelling prowess and the warm, personable vocal style that has always been at the heart of this young singer-songwriter’s art. It’s the first full distillation of all of his influences. Songs like “Leave It Alone” and “Highway Stays the Same” balance the hook-powered melodicism of ’80s rock with the groove driven legacy of his native Memphis and the alt-country sound minted by groups like Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Son Volt and the Old 97’s. The sound of the Civil War tale “The Union Infantry” reaches back even further, to the heyday of the Band.

Please and Thank You follows 2007’s EP Safe and Sound, whose title track was featured in the Hilary Swank movie P.S. I Love You, and that same year’s The Sail album.

“This is a people album,” Pagliari explains. “It’s about my life, the lives of my friends and the characters I’ve developed to tell different stories about struggle and romance and desire and change.”

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Somebody Told Me

Written By: Nick Pagliari

Somebody told me that this was the place
Where everything's better, well maybe this life will make sense Without all of these blueprints
And the not knowing suspense

Somebody hold me here in this place
Where everything's crazy and maybe this life is not real
And I know just how you feel
Like you were cut out of the deal

It's hard to believe in yourself when you struggle
With your hands tied down
And nobody cares about anyone other
Than themselves right now
Maybe we'll all just live in a bubble
Where we can't get out
Somebody told me this was the place

Something is happening here in this place
I don't know what but maybe we've lit some kind of fuse
And I'm right there in your shoes
I got a bad case of the blues

Slow Down

Written By: Nick Pagliari

You wanna live like a rock n' roll icon
Staying out until you feel no pain
You'll be dead before you ever get it all done
Everyday you're living in the fast lane

Slow Down

You're on a race to the heavens up above
You're gonna cross that big finish line
I often wonder if you'll ever been in love
Well you should stop and think about it sometime

Get your head turned back around
Get your feet back on the ground
Come on baby now Slow Down

You're the kinda woman that can make a heart bleed
You're like a train flying off track
You got it all honey everything I need
You're pushing off but I'm pulling you back

Don't Wanna Die Lonely

Written By: Nick Pagliari

Could of been a little less strange that night
I was feeling down and my mood wasn't right
Should of stayed a little bit longer with you
But it was hard to tell if you wanted me to
And you said, "Hey what are you doing now?
You look like you're stuck on the bottom somehow."
And I said, "Hey I'm doing fine.
Could you pour me some more of that red table wine?"

I don't mind living alone
I just don't wanna live lonely

Might of been better if I hadn't showed up
I was thinking bout maybe standing you up
Would of been better if I wasn't so drunk
Stumbling around like some high school punk
And i said, "Hey come over here, baby.
Let me love you tonight like you were my lady."
And you said, "Hey I'm going home.
Don't call me no more I won't answer my phone."

I don't mind living alone
I just don't wanna live lonely
Everyone is dying alone
We just don't wanna die lonely

I'm in the wrong I know
I'm in the wrong I know, baby
That I'm in the wrong I know
I'm in the wrong I know

I don't mind living alone
I just don't wanna live lonely
Everyone is dying alone
We just don't wanna die lonely
I don't mind dying alone
Yeah I just don't wanna die lonely


Nick Pagliari, Please and Thank You (PalagreenO Records, 9/16/2008)
Track Listing:
1. Leave It Alone
2. Don't Wanna Die Lonely
3. Romantic Picture Shows
4. Carl's Revenge
5. Play That Rock N' Roll Loud
6. The Union Infantry
7. Do What You Love
8. Highway Stays The Same
9. Magazines

Nick Pagliari, Safe and Sound Ep (Palagreeno Records 2007)
Track Listing:
1. Like Shooting Stars
2. Safe and Sound
3. The song that never changed

Nick Pagliari, The Sail LP (Madjack/Palagreeno Records 2007)
Track Listing:
1. Somebody Told Me
2. Slow Down
3. Heart Unwound
4. Can't Get Enough of You
5. The Sail
6. That Boy Don't Ever Cry
7. My Heartbreak Song
8. Carolina Skies
9. If I Die
10. Please Don't Give Up on Me
11. Richard Jones
12. People Watching

Nick Pagliari, Long Gone EP (Independent 2005)
Track Listing:
1- Long Gone
2- On A Plane
3- Safe and Sound
4- Tough Love
5- Good Cheer
6- Rocket Science

Set List

Nick Pagliari Songs:

Somebody Told Me
Slow Down
Heart Unwound
Can't Get Enough of You
The Sail
That Boy Don't Ever Cry
My Heartbreak Song
Carolina Skies
If I Die
Please Don't Give Up on Me
Richard Jones
People Watching
The Song That Never Changed
Sweet Ole Kentucky
Like Shooting Stars
Long Gone
On A Plane
Safe and Sound
Tough Love
Good Cheer
Rocket Science
Play That Rock N' Roll Loud
Leave It Alone
Carl's Revenge
Highway Stays the Same
Union Infantry
Heaven Lights
Don't Wanna Die Lonely
Romantic Picture Shows
Do What You Love

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