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"How Lucky can one guy be? 15-year-old crooner sings the classics."

GRAYSON -- Nick Pallas of Grayson is only 15, but he has already been hailed as a new generation rat-packer – albeit local for the time being. The Grayson High School sophomore has been making the rounds of local functions singing his particular brand of “contemporary, classical and pop” music reminiscent of the old Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin genre – entertainers he has no problem being likened to and in fact entertainers he would very much like to emulate.

“I want what every performer that tries to make it wants,” Pallas said. “I want to become a recording artist and have people all over the world love my music and come to my concerts. I do want to be a “total” entertainer such as the “rat pack” bunch of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. They were people who not only sang for their audience, but completely performed for their audience members and that is exactly what I want to achieve.

Pallas said his music is influenced by the sounds of entertainers such as Michael Buble and Josh Groban and those who know his music say he sings their numbers with his own unique vocal style. The teenager wowed the crowd at a recent joint in Walton County and Greater Grayson chambers of commerce network event, working the room with the ease of a seasoned performer.

Although Pallas has been singing for years, his talent for entertaining was discovered much more recently. “To be quite honest, for the longest time I never really thought that I had a good voice,” Pallas said. “I always thought I was just like every other teenager just singing in my room. I think the actual moment I thought, “Wow, maybe I have a good voice” was at a talent show I was involved with in the eighth-grade. One of my friends and I got together and decided to do a duet and as soon as I started singing the crowd went wild. I can’t imagine a better first experience.”

The turning point in Pallas’ career came in November 2006 when he had to fill in at a school performance for a student who got sick. At the time, Pallas was working the sound and lights for the Grayson High School pageant. Pallas took to the stage in front of a 500-plus member audience without any preparation for the role and wowed the crowd. As it turned out, in the audience was a music industry representative, now his manager, Jayne Madigan of JEM Entertainment – and the rest is history.

Madigan said Pallas has quickly become a regular performer at community events, taking great pride in being a community activist by performing at charity events such as Gwinnett County Relay for Life. Pallas said he intends to finish his schooling and get a college degree “somehow” since he feels all performers still need to be well educated. however, he said he is prepared to give up regular school and travel with a tutor if that’s what it takes to fully launch his musical career.

“This is my only career choice in my mind,” Pallas said. “No matter how many years it is going to take, I will pursue this.” Information on Pallas’ next live performances and to hear a sampling of his music can be found on his Web Site at

By: Sharon Swanepoel - Loganville Tribune

"Nick Pallas Welcomes Steve Dorff for Special Performance"

Nick Pallas welcomes Steve Dorff for special performance

By: Holly Calmes

Nick Pallas, the 16-year-old singer from Grayson, will welcome his mentor and songwriter back to his home roots this coming week.

Steve Dorff, the Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter for such artists as Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston, will return to his hometown of Atlanta for a special performance at "Swallow in the Hollow" in Roswell Aug. 1 and 2. Nick will be joining Dorff in this special and very rare public appearance.

In fact, Dorff's return to Atlanta, which includes meeting with Nick and appearing at "Swallow," is a case of life turning full circle. Dorff is from Atlanta, attended UGA and was given his first break in show business 40 years ago by music publisher Bill Lowery. Now he is coming back and will appear with his young friend, Nick, promoting the song Dorff wrote for him titled "Dream Big."

The fact that Dorff is appearing here at all is very rare and special. Says Nick's business manager Jayne Madigan, "Mr. Dorff rarely performs publicly, so it is a real treat for Nick to sing with him here. Mr. Dorff wrote and produced three songs for Nick when we visited him in Los Angeles."

Nick has a special musical style that can be described as a "new generation rat packer." His style is a blend of contemporary, classical and pop with a jazzy flavor all its own. He has been compared to Josh Groban and Michael Buble. When Dorff offered to write three songs for Nick, who was then 15, it signaled a great acknowledgement of Nick's talent.

This happened in December 2007. Since then, Nick has continued to enthrall audiences while his management shops the three songs to major record labels in pursuit of a recording contract.

"Dream Big" is particularly special because it describes the exhilaration Nick feels as his lifelong dream unfolds before him while he pursues a singing career in the music industry. In fact, it is such a special song, that he has created a contest on his MySpace site to inspire listeners.

"You could have Nick come to your own home for your own private concert," Madigan said. "If you go to and listen to the song 'Dream Big,' you can enter a contest by telling us what the song means to you in your own words. The winner will receive $500 plus a private concert and other goodies."

And if you don't win the contest, you can still see Nick at many upcoming events including the one at "Swallow at the Hollow" in Roswell. The venue is located at 1072 Green St. Or, a little closer to home, enjoy Nick at the Duluth Brown Bag Concert at noon Aug. 7 at the Duluth Town Green.

For more information about Nick and to see his upcoming schedule of performances, visit his site at or visit

For information about Steve Dorff, visit his Web site at - Holly Calmes- Gwinnett Daily Post

"Local singer Pallas sees his star rise quickly"

This summer, I introduced readers to a freshman from Grayson High School, who was quickly becoming a talented addition to the local music scene. Not quite six months later, Nick Pallas has taken the next step to stardom: a production deal with a noted composer/producer.

Nick and his manager, Jayne Madigan, recently returned from Los Angeles, where Nick worked with Steve Dorff, a multi-award winning composer and producer. Dorff has crafted songs for some of the biggest names in show business, including Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston and many others.

Dorff is a friend of Madigan's, and when she called him with information about the tall, dark and handsome teen with the golden voice, he became interested in Gwinnett's young crooner.

"When Steve met Nick, he knew Nick was something special," said Madigan. "At first he worried about Nick's age, but when he met Nick, he saw what a mature, poised and dedicated young man he is. Now they are looking at a long-term relationship."

The result of Nick's and Dorff's meeting in October was a three-song CD, which can be heard on Nick's MySpace page, Dorff wrote the three songs Nick recorded. The first, "Dream Big," was written for a movie. "It's like the song was written about my life," Nick said. "Dream big and your dreams might come true."

The second song, "No Greater Love," was written for Barbara Streisand, but Dorff gave it to Nick as a "better fit" for the young man. "It can be about any kind of love, but I feel it is about spiritual love," Nick said.

The third song is "Tear Down All the Walls," which was written for Josh Groban, one of Nick's heroes. And now, the tune belongs to Nick. "It is a song about pleading with people to accept one another," Nick said. "I'm in high school, and I see how people hurt each other because they don't accept people who are different from themselves. That is wrong, and this song is a plea for people to care for one another."

Nick and Madigan are hoping this trio of songs will lead to a recording contract in the next few months.

The recording environment brought with it new opportunities to add on to Nick's singing, such as a contribution and collaboration with Matt Rolling. According to Nick, Rolling is "the biggest session player in the country." Another asset was sound engineer John Guess, an eleven time Grammy nominee.

For more information about Nick, visit his MySpace page. For more information about Steve Dorff, go to
- By Holley Calmes

"Hearthrob of Gwinnett"

"It has taken off pretty quickly," 15-year-old Nick Pallas, says of the sudden launch of his music career.

Regarded as Gwinnett's teen heartthrob, Pallas's rise to local stardom is fairy-tale like in how it quickly unfolded.

Pallas often sang in his bedroom, family reunions, elementary school talent shows and plays at Grayson High School. Nick belted out God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood in his 5th grade talent showcase and Come What May from Moulin Rouge in 8th grade. In the play Lucky Stiff, he was the only freshman cast in a role requiring a solo.

Nick Pallas performing at Gwinnett Relay for Life. Special Photo
Pallas claims to have developed his passion for singing at age six when his mom gave him a CD titled, Michael Crawford performs Andrew Lloyd Webber. "Since then," Nick says, "I've been singing my heart out in my room!"

The turning point of his career came in November of 2006 when Nick was running the sound/lights for Grayson High School's Miss Freshman Pageant. He was asked to fill in as the entertainment in place of a student who had suddenly taken ill backstage.

Without preparation, Pallas took the stage in front of a 500+ member audience and gave a breathtaking performance. "The energy from the audience was absolutely incredible." Pallas regards of the exhilarating experience.

"As luck would have it, a music industry representative was at the event and heard Nick sing. This defining moment was the start of his music career that has taken on a life of its own" Nick's biography states.

Quick to enhance his talent, Pallas has already met up with Renee Grant Williams, vocal coach for stars such as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Christina Aguilera. He travels to Nashville to meet with Renee once a month, as he is a full-time student.

Although his vocal company tends to lean country or pop, Nick has quite a different sound. A cross between Michael Buble and Josh Groban, Nick entertains with more than a good beat and catchy chorus. The boy has got a voice!

Becoming well known in the Gwinnett area, Nick has performed at charity events such as Gwinnett Relay for Life along with Lilburn Relay for Life.

Making his first radio appearance on August 3, 2007, Nick hosted "It's Friday" on Athen's WUGA 91.7.

Nick has been working with songwriters trying to acquire some original lyrics. He has hopes of writing his own songs but for now just writes poems.

"He's not just a pretty voice, he's got substance!" manager Jayne Madigan adds.
As for the juggle between education and a rising singing career, Nick says he will finish high school and take online college courses. "This is definitely my dream it's definitely coming true, but singers need to be smart too!"

"We want the audience to understand that he's going to entertain you. Aside from a singer, he's also an actor and is utilizes those skills." Manager Jayne Madigan states.

Look for Nick around Gwinnett on the following dates and take a listen for yourself at - By Alysse Whatley

"Nick Pallas is Grayson's Own Performing Prince of Hearts"

I always get excited when Jayne Madigan of JEM Entertainment calls to tell me about her newest talent discovery, and Nick Pallas has taken that anticipation to an entirely new level. My interview with Jayne and Nick occurred prior to the recording of Nick's demo, but I was already fascinated with his innate charm and charisma at the tender age of 15. Coupled with his manager's keen sense of talent, I knew I was in for a treat when I did receive the demo. What I didn't prepare for was to be swept away by his mature voice and Broadway worthy style in which he sang his musical selections. Literally, as I drove to Monroe listening to his demo CD on a 105-degree August afternoon, I had goose bumps, was shivering all over, and had tears of astonishment rolling down my cheeks.

To describe what I was hearing and what I was feeling at that exact moment, I would have to "start-spreading-the-news" of tastefully energetic and amplified Sinatra performances, with the frenzied mania of the Beetles arriving for the first time in America; captivated by a seasoned veteran voice with the gift of youth, charm and unbelievable brown eyes.

Nick Pallas is a 15-year-old sophomore at Grayson High School and is creating quite the buzz. He has been singing for family since he was a young child and is also a self-taught pianist. Nick's musical performances depict a genre blend of Contemporary, Classical and Pop that is unique with a jazzy style of his own. His musical influences include Michael Buble and Josh Groban, but he is also a fan of The Eagles and Pink. Nick has been accepted as a student by vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams of Nashville. Grant-Williams has worked with Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, which is a clear indicator of Nick's musical potential.

As many great talents are discovered by accident, Nick's story is also blind luck. He is not formally trained, and had only two school-sponsored talent shows under his belt, when Jayne Madigan discovered him at an event that she was directing. When an entertainer called in sick the Miss Grayson High School Pageant, which Jayne Madigan directs, there was an immediate need to fill that stage time. Like mother, like daughter, Sara Madigan suggested that Nick would be perfect to fill the open stage slot. Although Nick had been acting with the school drama club and New London Theatre, this would be the first singing experience before a larger audience (500-plus). Nick decided to go for it and now recollects that experience as the "stage moment" that convinced him to pursue a musical future. Jayne Madigan was also convinced.

Nick's pursuit of a musical career has become a primary focus, but he still ranks going to college and earning a degree very high on his list of future achievements. Nick strongly believes that recording artists must be talented and equally intelligent. Nick is striving to become a "true and total package entertainer" and is prepared to roll with his music career "as it comes". Nick says, grinning ear to ear, that "the day you stop having fun with what you do, is the day that you shouldn't do it".

Nick has been performing at many community events and intends to continue that realm of entertainment throughout high school. He most recently competed in the Lilburn Idol competition and took second place. Nick can next be seen at Suwannee Days coming up in September. A complete schedule of Nick's performances as well as demo tracks can be found on his website at

I haven't yet caught a live performance, but when I do, I look very forward to writing about it. When most teenagers are into the thrashing, bashing or hip-hopping trends, it is certainly a breath of rare fresh air when a "Nick Pallas" comes along daring "not-to-conform". Based on just hearing Nick's demo, I have every confidence that he will catch the industry's attention. Look out Rat Pack, because Slick Nick is on his way to making his mark in music history, and it's going to be a great show! - By Michelle Couch

"Singer Nick Pallas is Gwinnett's Newest Hearthrob!"

Rising Grayson High School sophomore Nick Pallas turns 15 on June 10th, but he isn't going to Six Flags or having a party to celebrate. Instead, he will be preparing to record his first CD at Groove Tunes Studio in Alpharetta.

A few days before this auspicious event, Nick will be making an appearance at the Duluth Town Green's Brown Bag Summer Concert series. The first concert is on June 14th, and another happens on June 21st. On June 22nd, he will be advancing to yet another level in the "Lilburn Idol Competition."

This tall, handsome young man with the curly dark hair and the modest, confident manner is definitely headed for big time show business. How he got his start is a terrific story in its own right.

"I was running the sound booth for the 'Miss Grayson' pageant last year, and the girl who was supposed to sing as the entertainment got sick," he explains. "A friend of mine, Sara Madigan, said 'Let's give Nick a chance!' and the rest is history. I didn't even have time to get nervous. Once I heard people in the crowd shouting 'Go Nick!' and felt the energy from the audience, it was a defining moment for me. From then on, I knew I wanted to be a performer."

Sara Madigan's Mom, Jayne, also happens to be an entertainment rep. Her current "stable" includes up-and-comer Jessica Urick (who will be performing at the Martina McBride After Party this month) and she knew she had another winner in the good-natured, big-voiced young man. She says, "When Nick started singing, all eyes went right to him. He was that good! People just went crazy. Everyone wanted to know who he was."

And so Jayne Madigan took Nick under her professional care and has been grooming him for the past few months. Although he never had formal music lessons, he can pick out any tune on a piano with ease, his beautiful voice filling the air as he renders anything from his favorite musical, "Les Miserables," to Josh Groban.

Nick aspires to be a "total entertainer" in the mold of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, performers who didn't just stand at the mike and sing but who created a mood with song, talk, and acting. His music, however, won't mimic the "Rat Pack" as much as it will be influenced by Groban and Michael Buble. "I want to give people a complete entertainment experience," he says. "It's something that's missing today."

Nick will have an opportunity to wow the local fans through his Duluth Brown Bag Concerts on June 14 and 21 at noon on the Town Green. His followers will also need to be on hand at the next installment of the "Lilburn Idol Competition" on June 22, 7:30, at LilburnPark, 76 Main Street. Although this contest has 80% of the results coming from judges, fans contribute by bringing pennies to represent their votes. Nick has already gotten through several levels of this competition, and he hopes to claim the title itself at the final on July 27th. Nick will be giving out free copies of his new CD to fans at the Lilburn Idol event on June 22nd.

Songs on this CD will include material by Josh Groban, Michael Buble and a Broadway tune. One thing is certain: this CD could become a collector's item when Nick Pallas becomes a national celebrity! - By Holley Calmes

"15-Year-Old Singer Signs Production Contract with Famed Producer in Los Angeles!"

Atlanta, GA, January 17, 2008 – Nick Pallas from Grayson, GA sealed a production deal with veteran Los Angeles composer and producer, Steve Dorff. Dorff has crafted songs for some of the biggest names in show business, including Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston and many others. In December of 2007, Nick accompanied by his manager, Jayne Madigan, flew out to Los Angeles to record three original songs at Schnee Studios. These songs were written, arranged and produced by Steve Dorff. The recording environment at this well-known studio brought with it new opportunities to add on to Nick's singing, such as a contribution and collaboration with pianist extraordinaire Matt Rollings, who is one of the most skilled session players in the country. Another asset was sound engineer John Guess, an eleven time Grammy nominee. The titles of Nick’s original songs are Dream Big, No Greater Love, and Tear Down All the Walls. Dream Big describes the exhilaration Nick feels as his life-long dream unfolds before him as he pursues a singing career in the music industry. Tear Down all the Walls is a moving song that speaks of love and world peace, while No Greater Love is an uplifting beautifully written spiritual song. Nick will be touring the country to promote his new songs while his management shops them to the major record labels to obtain a recording contract.

Nick Pallas is only 15-years-old but has already been hailed as a new generation rat packer. His music is a genre blend of Contemporary, Classical and Pop that is unique with a jazzy style of its own. Musical influences like Michael Bublé, Josh Groban and Frank Sinatra drive his genre to one that all ages can enjoy. Nick aspires to be a “total entertainer” in the mold of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, performers who don’t just stand at the mike and sing but who created a mood with singing, talking and acting. His audiences, who become instant fans, keep coming back to see this fabulous entertainer

Industry observers have dubbed multiple award winning Steve Dorff an enigma who has evolved into a gifted composer in every musical field. There is no way to capture the diversity he regularly displays scoring major motion pictures, television, theater, or via an array of # 1 hit songs. In addition to winning the NSAI Songwriter of the Year award, Dorff has also been honored with more than 40 BMI, and 11 Billboard #1 awards. His was a formidable breakthrough, accelerated through a highly productive association with the legendary Clint Eastwood, beginning with "Every Which Way But Loose". This out-of-the-box smash soon paved the way for a raft of compositions reflecting all musical genres, from contemporary sounds to haunting orchestral melodies. Three-time Grammy nominee and a fixture on the nation's charts, his dossier includes nine #1 film songs and 15 Top 10 hits, including the Kenny Rogers' classic "Through The Years", a BMI 3 million performance song, as well as "I Just Fall In Love Again ", the Anne Murray record that captured Billboard's #1 Song Of The Year honors. His many songs have been sung by some of the greatest artists of our time—Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, George Strait, Vanessa Williams and countless others. For more info, visit

- Loganville Tribune; The Tri-City Times

"Former Grayson Student Now a Rising Star!"

You aren't going to find 15-year-old singing sensation Nick Pallas in the halls of Grayson High School anymore. Plucked from obscurity, Pallas has been tossed into a world where he might find himself serenading hundreds in South Carolina on a Friday night rather than cheering for Rams football.

The past two years have been a blur as Pallas prepares to go from singing in school plays to singing under a big name producer in California.

Pallas was always a singer even as a child who confined his voice to his bedroom. With no professional lessons, his first gigs were family reunions and talent shows.

Then, the fateful month of November 2006 rolled around.

Pallas' career kicked off when an entertainer for a Grayson High pageant fell sick. Pallas - who was operating the lights and sound - took the stage and wowed the audience of more than 500 with a powerful, yet gentle voice booming from a 14-year-old body. It just so happened that the pageant director was music representative (and future manager) Jayne Madigan.

The sky has been the limit ever since. Recognizing his talent, Madigan started booking Pallas at local events last January and became his manager that June. His new gigs resulted in him performing in more than 50 charity events, including a televised performance for the 11-Alive Can-A-Thon, singing the national anthem at an Atlanta Braves game and leaving Georgia at least four times a month. Due to his busy schedule, Pallas withdrew from Grayson High in 2007.

Since July, Pallas has received monthly lessons in Nashville with vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams - who has coached Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera and Tim McGraw.

If that isn't enough, his career stepped up another notch in December when he traveled to Los Angeles to sign a production contract and record three songs with producer Steve Dorff, who also works with Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston.

The pursuit of his dreams has cost Pallas much in the way of a traditional life. An average week includes tutoring by county-approved instructors, rehearsal twice a week and many meetings.

The rising star had to sacrifice a lot to fully devote himself to the career. He has found less and less time for his friends.

"You're so busy that your career becomes your life," Pallas said.

Although his career is still blossoming, one word that repeatedly comes up when he reflects upon the experience is "responsibility." In certain ways, he has been given more freedom by his family and his peers in order to successfully travel the path to stardom.

"It's very difficult to describe the changes I've gone through since I started this career," Pallas said, "but right now I'm in one of the most exciting phases of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Right now, Pallas' starstruck eyes are set on sealing a record deal. He is making preparations to leave his family and home behind in Georgia to move with his manager to Los Angeles. Going from a 6-year-old humming tunes in his head to a 15-year-old serenading hundreds of people, Pallas refuses to let his aspirations end any time soon.

"There is no other option for me. No matter how long it takes I will pursue this career," Pallas said. - Fenit Nirappil


"No Greater Love" (Written by Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz)

"Dream Big" (Written by Steve Dorff and Bobby Tomberlin)

"Tear Down All the Walls" (Written by Steve Dorff and Joe Henry)



Nick Pallas is only 16-years-old but has already sealed a production deal with veteran Los Angeles Producer. In December of 2007, Nick recorded 3 original songs written and produced by famed Producer Steve Dorff. Dorff has worked with artists such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and Kenny Rogers just to name a few. The titles of these original songs are Dream Big, Tear Down all the Walls, and No Greater Love. Dream Big is a song of hope that describes the exhilaration Nick feels as his life-long dream unfolds before him as he pursues a singing career in the music industry. Tear Down all the Walls is a moving song that speaks of love and world peace, while No Greater Love is an uplifting beautifully written spiritual song.

Nick has been singing since the tender age of 6 at family reunions and special events with no professional training. The turning point of his career came in November of 2006 when Nick was running sound/lights for his high school pageant. He was asked to fill in as the entertainment for a student who had gotten sick. With no preparation, Nick took the stage before an audience of 500+ and gave a breathtaking performance. As luck would have it, a music industry representative was at this event and heard Nick sing. This defining moment was the start of a music career that has taken on a life of its own.

Since the launch of his career in June of 2007, Nick has created quite a buzz in his hometown of Grayson, GA and beyond. His phenomenal voice and stage presence are well beyond his years. Nick aspires to be a “total entertainer”, performers who don’t just stand at the mic and sing but who created a mood with singing, talking and acting. His audiences, who become instant fans, keep coming back to see this fabulous entertainer. In July of 2007, he was accepted as a student by the vocal coach to the stars, Renee Grant-Williams, who has worked with stars such as Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera and Tim McGraw a clear indicator of Nick’s vocal potential. Nick has also performed at some pretty impressive venues that have a knack for discovering great talent. We are proud to announce that Nick had the honor of fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams by singing the National Anthem at an Atlanta Braves home game at Turner Field. This is something Nick has aspired to do since a young child. He made his first radio debut in August of 2007 on WUGA “It’s Friday” radio show in Athens, GA. Another career highlight was his televised performance at the annual 11Alive Can-A-Thon on WXIA TV in November of 2007. In February 0f 2008, he was invited to be a guest on the “Your Carolina” morning show in Greenville, SC. He has quickly become a regular performer at community events. Nick takes great pride in being a community activist by performing at charity events such as Gwinnett Relay for Life at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds and the ALS Walk at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA.