Nick Shears

Nick Shears



Hi, my name is Nicholas Shears and I have been writing lyrics, poetry and short stories for the last 20 years (Since I was 11 yrs. old). I am now at the level of writing that I truly feel I could really contribute to the music industry. I can seriously write a mile a minute. I have the ability to write just off the top of my head, and it's actually very good. :) I have developed a small following if you will, on my personal Facebook page. At first I thought it was just people being nice. But as they say majority wins. This was instrumental (little music joke) to my wanting to sell my lyrics to artists and or companies. The songs I write usually have to do with Heart break, loss of a loved on. I have written inspirational and uplifting lyrics as well. I draw from my personal experiences. Have any questions? Feel Free to ask anything! ROCK ON EVERYONE!


Angel That Falls

Written By: Nicholas Shears

He used to make you smile, he used to make you laugh. Now all you hear is breaking glass. It`s the sound of your heart breaking. Its your life he is taking.
You have to lie just so he won`t make you cry. Now ask yourself why. Why do you stay? Is it worth the price you pay? Will it get better over time? Or are you feeding yourself just another line? Is it worth the pain? Is it worth you going insane? Just let go, and let yourself fall and see who will answer the call to catch the angel that falls... I will catch you.